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You are Beautiful and Your Eyes, Too, with Eyelid Surgery in Melbourne

Are bags under your eyes starting to develop?

Does it seem like your upper eyelids and brows are sagging?

Or can you see the droopiness of your lower eyelids?

The ageing process of eyelids manifests a continuous loss of tone and elasticity that both the superficial skin and adnexal tissues of the eyelids experience. While there is more than one way to combat these signs of eyelid ageing, eyelid surgery in Melbourne is the best way to help improve the appearance and texture of the eyelids.

What is eyelid surgery?

Eye lid Surgery is a cosmetic procedure that helps enhance the appearance of your eyelids. It works by targeting the problems surrounding your eyelids such as sagging or loosened skin of the eyelids, sunken tear troughs, and drooping eyebrows.

This procedure is also known as blepharoplasty which can either be surgical or non-surgical. It is a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance and texture of your eyelids providing a “lifted” look to your eyes while imploring a youthful character to your face.

How is eyelid surgery differentiated from the non-surgical technique?

Both methods of eyelid cosmetic enhancement render remarkable effects in combating the signs of ageing that tends to pull down your youthful appearance. However, they differ in procedure, costs and possible side effects.

Eyelid surgery involves cuts, incisions and stitches, hence may take about one to two hours to complete the treatment. The duration of the procedure depends on the eyelids to cover, whether upper, lower or both.

Non-surgical eyelid treatments, on the other hand, can be performed in less than half an hour for both upper and lower eyelids. It involves the administration of substances or the use of laser technology.

The costs for eyelid surgery is between $2,500 to $4,000 for upper or lower eyelid procedures and $4,000 to $7,950 for procedures that involve both upper and lower eyelids. For non-surgical eyelid treatments, the cost is typically between $650 to $1,500 depending on the kind of treatment performed.

In essence, non-surgical eyelid treatments are more time and cost-efficient compared to eyelid surgery. However, the surgical approaches offer more permanent results. Another downside of eyelid surgery is the length of recovery time which is longer than that of non-surgical eyelid techniques.

In terms of side effects, eyelid surgery is more associated with numerous risks side effects and complications because of the cuts and incisions involved resulting in infections, scarring, loss of vision, and potential eye position imbalances. Non-surgical eyelid treatments are less complicated with lesser chances of adverse effects.

What are the different types of eyelid surgery?

Upper Eyelid Treatment

Just like its name suggests, this treatment involves the improvement of the upper eyelids. It involves an incision made along the crease of the upper eyelids and removing the excess skin and fatty pockets on the upper eyelids. This treatment takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Lower Eyelid Procedure

Comparatively, this procedure involves the lower eyelids. This is typically performed to combat signs of ageing in the lower eyelids and tear troughs. The incision for this procedure is made just below your lower eyelashes. Depending on the severity of the bagging tear troughs or the sagging lower eyelids, the procedure may take about an hour to finish.

Double Eyelid Technique

This technique involves enhancing both the upper and lower eyelids. Double eyelid treatments are a more convenient way of rejuvenating your eye structures but may take more than two hours to complete the procedure. This technique can combat eyelid conditions and other structures like drooping eyebrows, bagging tear troughs and reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

Transconjunctival Approach

This approach is a special subtype of the lower eyelid procedure. A transconjunctival approach addresses eyelid conditions by targeting the steatoblepharon with minimal to moderate lower eyelid laxity.

It works to reposition and improve the appearance of fat bags under your lower eyelids. This procedure helps manage structures of the lower eyelids by making small incisions and restructuring the ligaments, orbital fat, and orbital septum surrounding the lower eyelids.

Which technique can make my eyes more beautiful?

Eyelid treatments in Melbourne can be considered one of the most intricate cosmetic procedures because of their proximity to the eyes. Not to mention the numerous tiny, delicate and sensitive blood vessels and nerves that comprise the eyes and nose.

When deciding on which approach can provide the eyelid aesthetic enhancement that you desire, it may be best to consult with your trusted cosmetic doctor in Melbourne. He or she will evaluate the condition of your eyelids and determine which treatment is most ideal for your case.

Here are some factors that your cosmetic doctor may consider in determining the best treatment for your eyelid woes:

  • The severity of your eyelid condition, including the drooping upper eyelids or sagging lower eyelids;
  • The laxity of your skin because as people age, their skin loses elasticity and firmness;
  • If your condition involves drooping eyebrows, bagging tear troughs, or overly wrinkled eye structures;
  • The kind of lifestyle you are enjoying which includes your work and leisure as you may need to have some time off to recover in case of eye lid surgery;
  • Your preferred treatment but if the same is not the most optimal solution to your eyelid condition, your doctor may recommend a better option or have it paired with another treatment; and
  • The outcome or results you are expecting from the procedure.

What can I expect after an eyelid treatment?

Expect a more beautiful you!

This is exactly why you are going through an eyelid treatment, to achieve your beauty goals. Always expect the most out of your cosmetic endeavours.

Never expect something less!

An eyelid treatment aims to provide a more rested and youthful appearance while boosting your confidence. In most instances, expect this beautification process to last a lifetime. Although ageing never stops, you should likewise never stop finding ways to improve yourself while maintaining a younger feel inside and out.

Rejuvenate your eyelids today and get ready for healthier and younger-looking eyes… Enjoy a more beautiful you with SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne!