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XMETA Asset Management Platform – A Solution That Brings Digital Asset Management to New Heights

The blockchain field, closer to the future, has built and accommodated digital asset economic systems, including DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse, which are independent and interconnected. Combined with blockchain technology, they can be used in confirmation, transaction, circulation, and the advantages of decentralized governance have formed a powerful open financial system, which has become a new engine driving global economic development and trade growth.

Crypto Market Analysis

Looking at the performance of the encrypted market, the overall situation is continuing to rise. DeFi has attracted more investors to participate in the innovative free entry and exit. The highest lock-up volume of DeFi in 2022 has reached 219.47 billion US dollars, of which MakerDAO, Lido, and Aave occupy the top three, accounting for 10.32%, respectively, 8.69%, and 8.06%.

NFT’s GameFi, digital artwork, digital collectibles, domain names, and other applications have added much interest to the encrypted world. At present, the total transaction volume of NFT has exceeded 61 billion US dollars, of which the total transaction volume of a single project of Axie Infinity has reached 4.087 billion US dollars, and the total number of holders is close to 2.2 million. Followed by CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, the average NFT prices of the above two projects are $110,300 and $72,000, respectively.

Metaverse is an emerging product continuously integrated with different scenarios by various technologies such as 5G, AR/VR/MR, digital twins, sensors, cloud computing, AI, and blockchain. It is essentially the virtualization and digitization of the real world. As a vital infrastructure for Web3, the Metaverse is expected to push the world the right way about digital assets and increase people’s engagement between the real and the virtual.

The demand for digital currency asset management is growing stronger.

The popularity of digital currency has allowed more and more users to own the asset, and the type and quantity of digital currency in their hands are increasing exponentially. With the increasing demand for personalized new investments, the storage places include wallets, DEXs, centralized exchanges, various protocols, and Dapps, which will potentially lead to users’ digital assets being kept in independent islands for a long time. And there is no way to quickly find, overview, manage or navigate, and there is always a gap between investments and opportunities that lack real-time, so there is no way to keep pace with the times.

Given asset allocation, one of the most apparent opportunities may be digital assets. Therefore, users need a platform for aggregate viewing, statistics, and management in the encryption space. The XMETA asset management platform is a solution that can push digital asset management to a new level. Here we are talking about a global asset management platform that can manage all digital asset versions, rights, and permissions and quickly provide an influential social investment network.

XMETA, a global digital asset management platform

The XMETA digital asset management platform is a revolutionary new force. It is the first decentralized social financial management ecosystem that integrates digital banking, mortgage lending, DEX, synthetic assets, wealth management services, and robot advisors. Provide funds, stocks, bonds, commodities, digital currencies, and other popular transaction types in traditional and encrypted financial markets, changing how to participate in financial transactions. Through it, anyone can enjoy professional one-stop financial services with a low threshold, simple and smooth.

The platform is governed by a set of smart contracts responsible for performing specific functions: investment/redemption, asset custody, trading, and fee distribution, and are tied together through XMETA contracts. This set of smart contracts can jointly implement decentralized governance operations. And automatically execute the corresponding rules. At the same time, the XMETA contract has set up mechanisms such as maximum drawdown and risk control, which completely avoids the crisis of investment trust in the traditional model, and continues to release liquidity under the premise of achieving security.

4 “Firsts” Of The XMETA Asset Management Platform

1. The first introduction of on-chain fund tokenization: In the XMETA asset management platform, not only all on-chain assets are tokenized, but also on-chain funds and products are tokenized, allowing users to establish, manage and invest in a decentralized manner fund, or invest with it. In this way, two role identities have emerged: fund managers and investors. The fund manager has the decision-making power over the fund, including setting the fund’s rules, such as investment strategy, cycle, maximum drawdown, and other corresponding conditions and indicators.

The platform is a good mix of active and passive asset management, allowing fund managers to use active and algorithmic strategies and even passive strategies to invest in other fund products on XMETA. Information about the fund’s trading strategy and performance is publicly displayed on the platform, and investors can independently choose the fund they want to invest in through the fund’s performance.

2. The transaction’s target portfolio management tools were implemented for the first time: First, the platform provides automated DeFi asset management products, using a series of liquidity mining strategies to match entire gradient risk and return preferences, while aggregating high-quality DeFi assets in the market. Intelligently balance risks and benefits, and generate personalized and structured DeFi product matrix and precise investment strategies for users. Then, the selected investment portfolio can get LP tokens and be pledged to generate income. LP can also be used for liquidity mining to generate $XMETA, allowing users to achieve additional zero-risk income when investing in ideal assets. In addition, the XMETA asset management platform can automatically reinvest income, which is more attractive in the entire encryption industry.

The XMETA asset management platform is an essential integration of trading and income, allowing the use and support of advanced trading tools for various DEX and other DeFi services to manage portfolios, connecting developers, fund managers, and investors to help their crypto assets achieve higher levels Comprehensive return on investment. The platform is the first to realize asset management on BSC, and then it will provide services for mainstream public chain assets such as Ethereum, polygon, TRON, and Solana.

3. The first research and development of strategy copying system: The platform sets up an on-chain copying system equipped with AI arbitrage robots to allow “one-click copying,” aiming to replicate the best traders’ strategies. It adopts the strategy of copying the wallet addresses of successful traders, allowing users to follow professionals for optimal management of digital assets. The XMETA asset management platform has achieved vital goals: creating easy-to-use products and decentralized on-chain trading strategies that follow the best traders/wallets.

4. The first social trading model introduced: The XMETA asset management platform connects traders worldwide, providing them with shared strategies and insights. This is an unprecedented smart way to engage in trading, allowing investors to communicate, learn and discuss. On the platform, you can find like-minded partners with a simple search and discover the best way to earn money from the thousands of trade results displayed on the homepage. Use it to discuss your ideas freely with other trading participants to learn many trading ideas, which will significantly improve the current trading experience and provide a new investment and trading idea for the industry.

By providing all of these features, the XMETA asset management platform gives users the tools to efficiently manage large numbers of assets, continuously innovate, and ensure peak performance.

With the support of the XMETA Foundation, the XMETA asset management platform is fully compliant. Currently, it has financial licenses such as global blockchains, digital banks, virtual currency exchanges, and market-making traffic providers, such as NFA (National Futures Association Registration and Supervision) (non-commission), AUSTRAC (Australian Digital Currency Exchange License), and ASIC (Australian Securities Regulatory Commission Digital Bank and Traffic Provider License).

The license provided by The NFA (National Futures Association Registration

Regulatory (Non-Commission)

The license provided by The AUSTRAC Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis


The license provided by The ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission

The native token of the XMETA asset management platform, $XMETA, is designed to safeguard the interests of users, token holders, and protocol maintainers. The total amount of $XMETA issued is 300 million pieces. Later, it will be considered that the market value distribution will be used to fund the development of the agreement and the projects carried out on the agreement to expand its ecological scale better. Investors in the asset management business need to hold the $XMETA token, mainly used for governance, payment, and other functions. According to its destruction mechanism, $XMETA still has a vast space for appreciation.

Open and Collaborative

Managing digital assets has undoubtedly become an important way of personal asset allocation in the current era. Digital asset management may be everyone’s most basic wealth management need in the future. The XMETA asset management platform takes advantage of the tokenized design of on-chain funds, automated DeFi asset management products, leading portfolio management tools, advanced strategy copying systems, and a robust social trading network to establish a comprehensive and multi-directional asset management platform. It is believed that there will soon be a link between the increase of the platform and the accumulation of XMETA value. The XMETA asset management platform aims to continue these capabilities and promote this vision globally in a decentralized manner.