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World’s First Non-Fungible Jewellery Gallery In The Metaverse, Set To Launch By Naman Sidharth, Founder Of NFJ Labs Along With The Celebrity Jewellery Artist, Alessio Boschi

Naman Sidharth is changing the course of history by transforming the physical jewellery industry. He has created the first non-fungible jewellery, which is available at the store NFJ Labs.

Technology has evolved drastically in the past few years. Every day something new in technology is being released. In this age of digitization, everything is saved on servers and has evolved into new technologies to help humans, such as cryptocurrencies. Further advancements led to NFTs, where people could buy items in tokens. Nowadays we’re seeing the NFT markets being saturated completely by similar projects and ideas. But, Non-Fungible Jewellery is something different.

Naman Sidharth, CEO and Founder of NFJ Labs has created the world’s first-ever store where customers can buy, sell, and trade in Non-Fungible Jewellery. The marketplace that the company has come up with is unique in many different ways.

Unlike other crypto jewellery projects NFJ Labs actually delivers the physical asset to the owner of the NFT. These pieces are all created by celebrity artists and are closer to artwork than they are to common jewellery. This idea of attaching a physical token to NFTs is all set to disrupt how the market perceives NFTs and fine-jewellery. Furthermore, this is a fantastic opportunity for those fond of collecting art pieces, especially NFT art.

Patrons of art, jewellery, and NFTs now have a new vertical to expand their portfolio. Naman Sidharth has made sure that the process of buying NFT Jewellery is 100% secure. The NFJs are stored on the blockchain and are secured with encryption and consensus mechanisms. It would be safe to say that the NFJs are protected more than a physical piece of jewellery would be protected in your bank locker.

Naman Sidharth and his team have turned a dream into a reality. He has joined hands with celebrity Jewellery Artist, Alessio Boschi to bring to the market the most exclusive Non-Fungible Jewellery the world has ever seen.

Alessio Boschi, The Italian-born Roman artist is a very well-renowned name in the jewelry industry. With more than twenty years of experience, he has worked under one of the world’s top designers. He has gained experience through different cultural perspectives through working in Italy, France, and Thailand. He also worked on a joint project between China and Hong Kong in 1999 and there he worked on the Millennium Sapphire, the world’s largest gem-quality sapphire. He also catered to the Middle East market by providing luxury jewellery sets. In 2005 he became design director of one of the biggest companies dealing in pearls. After working for five years with them, he created his brand Alessio Boschi in 2010. He has won several awards all around the world and in Hong Kong. And now he is stepping into a new venture to revolutionise the jewellery segment with Naman Sidharth, CEO & Founder of NFJ Labs.

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