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Woods and Ivbijaro Are in Talks to Supply Major Retailers Supply Organic Fruits and Vegetables Across the UK

The partnership will enable the supermarket to leverage its supply chain and meet the needs of their consumers.

Woods and Ivbijaro, previously known as Best fruits Co, are in talks with a major retailer in the UK to supply a range of fresh produce to their chain of stores across the country. The partnership will enable the superstore to meet the growing needs of its health-conscious consumers for high-quality fruits and vegetables.

The deal is a major milestone for the company, which cites the turning point in the company’s fortunes when the business owner Woods brought in business partner Ivbijaro. Efe Ivbijaro was a  Geography teacher from Liverpool who had a hustler’s mindset and helped revolutionize the company processes from top to bottom.

In just a short period, he helped set up a powerful ecosystem that not only enables them to produce and source fruits and vegetables without compromising their freshness. They now operate a fleet of refrigerated lorries that they use to supply London’s top eateries and establishments from their BRC-accredited refrigerated warehouses.

Talking to the media, Efe Ivbijaro said, “We are excited about the partnership with the retailer. The partnership will enable us to get our products to more health-conscious consumers who are demanding high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. They can also be rest assured that the prices will be highly competitive thanks to the robust supply chain our team operates.”

The supplier’s reputation for quality and freshness is what helped them to clinch the deal with the supermarket. Talking about the partnership, the owner of the supermarket said, “We have been looking for a supplier for quite some time now that meets our standards. A lot of people recommended Woods and Ivbijaro. Our team was impressed with the quality of their fruits and vegetables for their freshness and reasonable reasons. Their policy of prioritizing local British produce is also in line with our philosophy.”

Woods and Ivbijaro supply the largest range of organic produce across offices, schools, contract caterers, cafe chains, and more. They also provide office fruit deliveries as well as milk supply to offices and milk dispensers on rent.

People interested in learning more about fruit and veg wholesalers in the UK can visit their website today: https://woodsandivbijaro.com.

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