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Why You Should Love Shared Office Spaces

The culture of shared office space may greatly help you and your business for several reasons. In many countries, like Japan, most offices are shared since it brings the team together and improves communication. There are various benefits to having a shared office space in Calgary and other regions of Canada, so let’s see what they are.

Improves Communication

Let’s start by seeing why sharing an office with coworkers helps to improve communication among everyone in the team. Have you ever been through a situation where you needed to work with someone in your group, but their office would be far away from yours, so you needed to walk into their office and then back to yours all the time? You surely felt like you’ve wasted a lot of time that could have been used in work. With shared office space, you don’t have this problem.

Everyone can work together if necessary. If you need to solve a problem with your coworker, all you’ll have to do is to put your chair next to theirs’s. And don’t worry, the office won’t be noisy since everyone will be focused on their work.

Many startups have shared office space and don’t have a problem with the noise since their team either stays with headphones on or talks silently. Overall, communication improves a lot with a shared space.

Reduces Costs

A shared office space reduces business costs since you don’t have to rent a big building with several offices. All you have to do is to have an office big enough to put everyone’s table in it. There are a lot of video examples of shared office spaces, so you could look into that to see how organized and comfortable they are.

Without having to spend a lot of money on a big building, you can focus on investing the money in items and a space that makes your workers feel comfortable and secure.

Flexible Work Hours

A smaller office means you can have flexible work hours since many office spaces are available in buildings with automated badge access, which means they don’t require reception. Therefore, your office worker may enter and leave the office whenever they need it while still having security.

Increases Creativity

Cubicles are not always good for the mental health of the office workers since they can sometimes put them into a lonely state of mind where they only have the company of their laptops and immediate walls. A shared office space allows them to be surrounded by people, making them feel more inspired since they are in an open, airy, light, and collaborative location.

Networking Opportunities

The shared office space surrounds you with the high-achieving and goal-oriented professionals who work with you. There’s bigger liberty to make friends and professional connections since you’ll be directly interacting with the rest of the team, even people who don’t work in the same team.

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