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Why Weight Loss in Houston is So Difficult

Losing weight is no easy feat. Many of us have tried repeatedly, hopping onto different diets, fads, and trends in hopes of cutting down a few pounds. But it seems like nothing ever sticks, especially in Houston’s hot, humid climate. It doesn’t help that the warm weather makes gaining weight even easier and harder to lose.

We’ll uncover why it is so hard to lose weight quickly in Houston. But first, it’s essential to understand why losing weight is important and why so many would benefit from it.

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Why Is Weight Loss So Important?

Both aesthetics and physical factors contribute to many people’s desire to lose weight. Not everyone who wants to lose weight is over their suggested BMI index of between 18.5 to 24.9 but those who are will find that they are at risk of preventable diseases. So, weight loss becomes essential to avoid the adverse health effects identified by the CDC.

Some of these health risks include:

  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Fatty Liver Disease

You can also experience detrimental mental health effects from being overweight and obese such as depression and anxiety. This can be caused if you find it challenging to participate in activities with friends, family, or even everyday life. Some people experiencing obesity may find it difficult to complete activities like dressing and washing.

Weight loss can be what turns your life around, reverse your health issues, and increase your life expectancy. But so many of us have difficulties with losing consistently losing weight. It can be a challenge both mentally and physically. Read on to discover why losing weight here in Houston can be so hard.

Why Losing Weight is So Difficult

Here are the factors contributing to the difficulties of weight loss, especially here in Houston. You don’t necessarily need to be in a cold climate to lose weight quickly. Still, we will discuss some challenges associated with Houston, among other factors that can impact an individual’s ability to lose weight.

Houston’s Warm Humid Weather

Houston is notoriously warm. While the availability to move around by getting around outdoors for most of the months, the warm weather can hurt your desire to lose weight. According to HuffPost, when your body doesn’t have to produce heat to stay warm, your might experience a decrease in the metabolism it has to create.

Plus, we might be more averse to staying out too long because outdoor activities can harm our skin if we’re not regularly applying sunscreen. So, we’re more prone to sticking indoors where we can enjoy air-conditioned rooms and get around by car instead of walking, jogging, or biking.

Even the amount of water we need to drink during those hotter months in the Houston climate can impact whether or not we’re losing a sufficient amount of weight. HuffPost finds that if we don’t drink enough water in warmer weather, ‘the body becomes dehydrated, slowing it down and decreasing the metabolism.’

Yo-Yo Dieting

Whether it’s a juice cleanse, the keto diet, or cutting out carbs, there’s no shortage of diet trends being bombarded to us that make it harder to know which would work for us. So we try one hoping it’ll stick, only to find ourselves hopping off it because it doesn’t suit us or our lifestyles.

But every time we go on a diet and get off of it again, it is harder to keep the weight off because we endure so much physical and mental stress. Losing weight rapidly can cause you to lose lean muscle, decreasing your metabolism. While you can initially lose body fat from it, it’s outweighed by the fact that you’ll be putting on mostly fat afterward.

Essentially, what is considered Yo-Yo Dieting is not sustainable for the long term, even if you feel as if you see results straight away. Instead, find a solution you can incorporate into your lifestyle to manage your weight for the rest of your life. This way, you can build a healthier relationship with food and exercise rather than enduring it for an event or special occasion.


Some of us may have recognized how easy it was to keep the weight off in childhood and adolescence. This would have been due to varying different reasons, including the higher rate of metabolism and the increased activity on the playground and through after-school extracurriculars.

We also walked a more significant deal in our youth, whereas now our main form of transport is that of convenience with a car. As we aged, however, our metabolism slowed down, as did our penchant for sports and for generally keeping active as we played with friends in different ways. We burn fewer calories, meaning more effort has to be put into losing weight.

You also lose muscle mass as you age, compounding all these problems and leading to weight gain that is difficult to lose. To combat these problems, it’s essential to look at our diets more closely. Inspect your portion sizes and ensure that the proper nutrients are added to your diet. Exercising for 30 minutes per day can be highly beneficial.

Lack Of Sleep

Sleep deprivation can have an overall detrimental effect on not only your mental but physical health. It can be a significant cause of your inability to lose weight effectively. Studies have been conducted that have found a link between sleep deprivation and a craving for high-carb food and junk foods that make it harder to lose weight.

This is because when you lack energy from having little to no sleep, you’re more likely to reach for foods that your body knows will, in some ways, replenish the energy you need. So you’re more likely to go for quick calories in beverages or sugar fixes in unhealthy or carb-dense foods.

Another downside of being sleep deprived is that you’re less likely to stay active, derailing your efforts to lose weight. You won’t want to prep a healthy meal or complete an exercise routine at the end of an exhausting day. Instead, you’ll make decisions based on helping you function rather than improving your long-term health.


The medications we take can also have an adverse effect on our weight goals. Weight increase can be a specific side effect of certain medications, such as those taken for depression, inflammation, thyroid disorder, and other conditions. On these medications, we can feel hungrier, burn calories slower, and retain extra fluids.

While you shouldn’t stop taking these medications if they’ve been administered to you by your doctors, you can always talk to your medical professional about alternatives. Your doctor may be able to put you on a different medication, especially if there are other negative consequences of the medication.


Lastly, genetics can play a significant role in the difficulties of weight loss, but they often don’t tell the whole story. But they can influence your appetite, metabolism, body fat distribution, and much more, and all this can point toward experiencing struggles when trying to drop a few extra pounds.

Broader family issues can also play a role however they stem outside of genetics so it’s worth looking into the habits formed by environmental factors. How you were taught to deal with stress, eating habits, the lifestyle of your family, and even psychological factors should be considered as having a significant impact on your weight.

Insufficient Meal Planning

Sometimes it’s as simple as consuming too many calories to lose weight. It’s important to balance how many calories you’re losing at the gym and ensure that your eating habits are not outdoing it. Ultimately losing weight will come down to how many calories you’re eating.

While exercise is a healthy and vital activity to incorporate into your lifestyle, you should not use it as a clutch to allow you to eat whatever you like. Dropping pounds comes down to consuming fewer calories than you burn per day. So, combine healthy eating habits like preparing your food with exercise for a well-rounded lifestyle.

Effective Options For Weight Loss

Houston offers many options for weight loss, especially if you’re struggling to lose the extra pounds in the heat. Now that you’ve explored some of the reasons why it can be so challenging to lose weight keep reading to discover some options to lose weight effectively.

Use A Weight Loss Kit Proven To Work

It can be confusing which weight loss regimen or diet will work. There seems to be no shortage of programs available in Houston, and I’m sure you’re just looking for one that’s guaranteed to have proven results so that you can quickly lose weight and keep it off in the long run.

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Let go of fat with the Get Lean Weight Loss Kit, which helps to kick-start the metabolism while cleansing the body of impurities with scientifically backed nutrients. The Kit contains powder high in protein, without which many people find themselves sluggish and have a low metabolism.

The Get Lean Weight Loss Kit tackles this by providing you with enough health-enhancing nutrients that help you meet your body’s protein requirement, build lean muscle, manage your weight, and prevent the breakdown of the muscles you work so hard to build at the gym. This Kit helps you long-term, promoting a healthier and longer life.

A Weight Loss Clinic Can Help You Manage Your Diet and Exercise

It’s the 21st century, and diet and exercise can be easily tracked now through apps where we input the data and receive information about our weight goals. Studies have been conducted and shown that managing weight like this can be effective in helping lose weight.

Keeping track of calorie intake and calorie burn is helpful and more accessible than ever.

According to Healthline, some of the best apps include PlateJoy, Noom, WW, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Lose It! Some apps also have additional features to help you in your weight loss journey, like meal planning, virtual health coaching, and community features that allow you to connect with friends and like-minded people.

Prioritize Sleep

As discussed, sleep dramatically impacts your ability to lose weight. So, knowing this, it only makes sense to allow yourself the rest you need. The Sleep Foundation recommends that adults between 26 and 64 sleep for 7-9 hours per night. This may be difficult for some, but here are tips that can help produce a healthy sleep cycle, according to TSF.

  • Stick to the same bedtimes and wake up at the same time every day
  • Disconnect from electronics like your phone and the tv at least half an hour before you plan to sleep
  • Have a relaxing bedtime routine that’s guaranteed to make you feel relaxed and sleepy
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine too soon before bed. It’s recommended that you stop drinking caffeine products at 1 pm.
  • Choose a mattress and bedding that’s conducive to healthy and comfortable sleep.

Be Mindful Of Eating Habits

As we’ve discussed, many external and internal factors are at play that can have a significant impact on your eating habits. These can affect your appetite, cravings, and what you’re familiar with. But now that you have a goal in mind, you must be mindful and more disciplined about what you consume.

It’s not about eating foods you don’t enjoy because this is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

  • You still want to maintain a healthy relationship with the food you eat. But it would help if you adopt healthy eating routines and be mindful of the actual food you’re eating. This can look like this:
    • Sitting down and enjoying the food, rather than eating standing up when you’re on the go.
    • Focusing all your attention on the food rather than on the TV or your phone
    • Savor the food by eating slowly

Choose Super Foods

What you’re putting into your body matters greatly, and you should strive to make these foods as nutritionally dense and healthy as possible to maximize satisfaction and ensure that you’re full after eating. This will allow your body to cut out unhealthy fat and help you maintain lean muscle while exercising.

So, cut back on refined sugar – refined sugar gets converted into glucose, and provokes the hormone insulin, which promotes the storage of fat, contributing to weight gain. So, swap them out for healthier alternatives like whole-grain rice, bread, and pasta. Turn towards fruits, nuts, and seeds. Drink fruit-infused water, herbal teas, and smoothies.

Rather than ordering takeout, be mindful of what you’re putting into your body by preparing healthy foods using nutritious ingredients. Eat foods rich in protein for breakfast, so you’re satisfied for hours and feel full for longer. Eat enough fiber to increase the feeling of fullness and balance gut bacteria by

  • Eat fermented food: Kefir, yogurt, tempeh, and miso contain a good amount of probiotics for the diversification of your gut. Kimchi especially has had studies that have found that it has anti-obesity effects.
  • Eat probiotic food: onion, artichoke, leek, bananas, asparagus, and avocados to aid weight loss. As do grains such as oats and barley.
  • Eat plants in variety: the fiber uptake will promote weight loss and have several different health benefits specific to the fruit you’re eating. It’s recommended that at least 75% of your meals comprise plant-based foods.

Keep It Moving

While, according to Healthline, moving around and staying active is not necessary to experience weight loss, it is still beneficial and can increase your chances of burning calories. Lifting weights is perfect for losing weight as it helps prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

Doing strengthening weight training at least three times a week can be highly beneficial. You can even find a fitness coach here in Housten to help you if you’re just starting. If you don’t want to do weights or cannot do them, you can do cardio workouts like walking, jogging, cycling, running, and swimming.

Keep Your Mind Healthy

Stress can negatively affect your physical health, including weight gain. So, you must prioritize your mental health by managing your stress levels. Those who experience prolonged exposure to stress will have cortisol stay in their blood for much longer. This increases their appetite and potentially leads them to eat much more.

Cortisol is responsible for signaling to the body the need to replenish its primary source of energy. This energy comes in the form of carbs, which we’ve already established as hurting your weight loss goals if these carbs are refined rather than whole grain.

Implementing an 8-week destressing program can be beneficial to your long-term mental health, studies show, as well as reducing your BMI. You can manage your stress by

  • Avoiding burnout from work by not overextending yourself, taking regular breaks, and setting boundaries around your personal and work life
  • Practicing yoga, meditation, and ti-chi for 15 minutes a day.
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques to calm down in stressful situations.
  • Spending time off devices where possible and venturing outdoors, exploring nature, gardening, or even walking.

Choose The Right Weight Loss Clinic in Houston

Now all of these tips will surely aid you in your weight loss journey; a lot of this will have to do with how readily and easily you can apply them to your everyday life. This is no easy task, especially in the busy lifestyle most Houston residents lead. A great deal of discipline and the knowledge of how to implement them will be necessary.

This is made more accessible with a weight loss program, so why not choose the #1 Houston Weight Loss Clinic & Diet Center? Choose Image Weight Loss Centers and get results that are guaranteed to last. They recognize that Houston’s obesity rates are rising, and almost two-thirds of adults fall into the overweight category.

To tackle this problem, the clinic offers several programs at different price points designed to help you lose weight. From consultation with one of their experienced doctors, you’ll be given a treatment plan based on diagnostic tests to get the best results. Medical weight loss is proven to occur with their treatments, including

  • Vitamin 12 Injections to improve energy levels and increase bone density
  • HGC Program boosts your metabolism and helps you rapidly lose weight without relying on a heavy exercise regimen
  • Meal replacement plans are based on specialized diets, nutritional consultations, and support services.
  • Appetite suppressants can help dieters exercise more by decreasing the urge to eat, which helps you burn more calories.


So there you have it. You’re now equipped with everything you need to know about the difficulties of losing weight in Houston and how to tackle them. While weight loss can certainly be difficult, it’s not an impossible task, especially when you implement the proper eating habits, diets, and mindsets. It becomes even easier to work according to accredited weight programs like Image Weight Loss Centers.