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Why Should You Go for a Cloud-Based DMS?

Document management is one of the top concerns of most organizations in the present. Having a centralized document management system is key to smooth operations when it comes to storing tax invoices, emails, contracts, reports, etc. This is because a single misplaced document can cost the whole company. 

In fact, 83% of employees accept that they recreate documents if they can’t find them on the company network, leading to massive productivity loss. 

Fortunately, there is a better way to go about document management. A cloud-based DMS can save you the trouble of manually storing and managing documents while increasing productivity across the organization. 

A cloud-based DMS is an online service or a tool that allows businesses to store, track, manage, and retrieve documents while also reducing paper usage.

Cloud-based document management system like dox2U offer significant advantages over the traditional on-premise model, making them a clear choice over others. 

Here are a few reasons to go for a cloud-based DMS. 

8 Reasons to Consider a Cloud-Based DMS 


One of the prominent reasons to invest in a cloud-based DMS is that employees will have 24/7 access to the company’s resources anytime, anywhere. A cloud-based solution ensures that your documents are always available regardless of where you work, as long as you have internet access. 

Whether you’re trying to access your documents on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet—the process of retrieving the required documents remains seamless irrespective of device or location. 

It’s incredibly convenient for employees who travel a lot, such as salespeople and consultants. They can quickly access relevant information from their mobile devices whenever needed. Also, a cloud-based DMS benefits remote workers making the new working style feasible for everyone. 


Cloud-based DMS support and promote quick & easy collaboration. You can share files with colleagues and work with them to make the most of remote working.

Documents can also be shared simply as links rather than as attachments. This gives your recipients confidence that they are always working with the latest document version and the admins the much-required control over shared information. 

Moreover, cloud-based document management systems ensure that they offer you version control capabilities as well, so you can eliminate the duplicity of documents and confusion. 


As your company grows, you’ll need a DMS that grows with you. Need to give new employees or departments access to your DMS? Or store new client data? All of this is easily possible with a scalable cloud-based DMS. This way, new employees/projects get up and running quickly. 

Moreover, a scalable DMS allows you to adapt to the changes that come to you as an organization with time. 


Security is the number one concern of an organization when choosing a secure DMS, as they can not risk compromising the confidential data of their employees or clients. 

It is precisely in the cloud that data is often better protected than locally stored documents. Providers of cloud-based DMS frequently invest heavily in cyber security and have the resources to keep security at a consistently high level. 

DMS s like dox2U also offer multiple granular controls defining access to your documents.


Servers, new computers, and disk space are costly. Fortunately, cloud document management systems make document management a cost-effective process. 

A cloud-based DMS uses an organization’s existing equipment eliminating the need for additional high-powered servers or complex onsite architectures. 

Moreover, the monthly fee for cloud-based DMS is typically much cheaper than costs associated with traditional on-premises solutions such as server upgrades, operating system upgrades, server maintenance, security infrastructure, and uninterruptible power supplies.

Lower IT Support Dependency

Cloud-based document management systems reduce reliance on IT support by eliminating internal server maintenance, upgrades, licensing, backups, and monitoring. SaaS applications are hosted and managed by the vendor, freeing up internal IT teams to focus on other tasks and pursue the business’s core mission.

Easy Data Migration

The core differentiator between cloud-based DMS and other document management solutions is the ease of data migration. 

Migrating data can be expensive and time-consuming for organizations. But with a cloud-based solution, it’s an easy process. Once you move your data to the cloud, it stays there without any additional hassles. 

On the other hand, on-premises DMS requires additional data migrations depending on the organization’s IT strategy and needs system change every 5-10 years.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Cloud-based document management is more environment-friendly than traditional solutions. Companies using the cloud share resources with other companies instead of running independent servers and cooling mechanisms. 

Concluding Remarks 

A cloud-based document management platform plays a vital role in the success of any business. It accelerates information access, simplifies workflows, and reduces storage costs. 

Companies interested in implementing a cloud-based DMS can try out dox2U. It is a highly efficient cloud-based solution that makes going paperless easy for organizations. They also have one of the best lifetime free plans for businesses with budget constraints.