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Why privacy for your mobile device should be physical as well as digital

For years, it has been common to use our smartphones in public. We make phone calls, send messages, and even order products and services. We do this in a way that we would never have imagined when smartphones first became a part of everyday technological usage. Given their ease of access, though, smartphones make our day-to-day lives easier.

That ease of use, though, brings a few issues – including privacy. Digital privacy is a major talking point today, and many of us take precautions. From installing anti-malware support on our smartphones to using virtual private networks (VPNs) and/or private Wi-Fi connections, it is common to take cybersecurity seriously.

A form of cybersecurity that often goes unconsidered, though, is the physical alternative. When sending messages to a colleague, client, friend, or loved one, we do not assume someone is looking over our shoulder. However, that is all it takes for someone to catch you providing sensitive information about yourself, your company, your colleagues, or anything else.

This is why the use of a privacy screen protector is highly recommended. Your phone’s antivirus cannot stop someone from peering over your shoulder to see what you are saying. Yet, often, this is all that is needed for someone to gain compromising, potentially damaging information about you.

Thanks to the development of privacy screen protection add-ons from ViaScreens, it is easier to stay safe. These screens provide a quick and simple way to cover up our screen so that only we can see it. This removes the ability to see your screen unless someone is quite literally standing central looking directly at the screen. For someone to do this to you, their invasion of privacy would become immediate.

Take physical precautions with your data and your personal information

The use of such a simple screen-securing add-on can be essential to making sure you can stop prying eyes from seeing what you are doing. Now, you can easily send texts, carry out private conversations, share private media, and even make purchases without anyone being able to see what you are doing discreetly.

Privacy is a common talking point in digital tools like smartphones. Rarely, though, do we consider the importance of physical protection. A simple shielding device can stop your screen from being needlessly visible, making it nigh-impossible for someone to harvest data or hold your messages against you.

In an era where we have to be increasingly vigilant about what we look at and where we look at it, do not forget about the essentials. Security becomes ten times easier when you take digital and physical safety seriously. Covering your phone with your hand only subverts some people from seeing what you are doing – a privacy screen protection add-on, though, ensures only you can see your screen.

Keep yourself from having your information used against you or stolen when you need to send a message in public.

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