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Why More Investors Are Turning To Vanilla Options

The investment world has seen more and more people turning to Vanilla options as of late, making them one of the fastest growing products in the market. What makes Vanilla options such an attractive investment? In short, it’s their versatility, which lets them be used in a variety of circumstances. With this article, we’ll discuss the different ways that Vanilla options can be useful to both long-term investors and those who are looking to make some quick cash on the stock market.

What is a Vanilla option?

A Vanilla option is a call or put option that offers a payoff at the time of exercise equal-to the difference between the strike price and the underlying security’s price. As mentioned, this means that it is quite possible for an investor to profit even if an asset falls in value as long as it stays above the predetermined price.

The benefits of buying Vanilla options

One reason people buy Vanilla options is to protect themselves from changes in the market. These investors typically want the least expensive way possible to help avoid unexpected losses. When something changes in the world, Vanilla options holders get their money back no matter what and can invest it elsewhere or just keep it in a savings account until the end of time (as long as they keep up with those pesky maintenance fees). Theoretically, this type of risk mitigation could result in better returns for investors.

Is it right for you

Vanilla options may be more palatable for novice investors looking to take a baby step into the world of investing and do not want to put up a large amount of capital. Unlike other options, there is no chance you will lose money if the stock goes down. Plus, in many cases, Vanilla options have a lower price tag than other types of investments.


However, Vanilla options can be less profitable than other choices because they don’t rise as high or fall as low during the course of their lifetime.You also cannot change your position once it has been established. According to some experts, this one-way street feature might limit the appeal of Vanilla options to experienced traders.


Never the less, Vanilla options trading is on the rise and anyone who wished to trade Vanilla options, especially beginners, should turn to a regulated, safe and reliable broker. Such broker will ensure regulated and safe trading such as the vast Vanilla options trading with AvaTrade, which provide insightful information on the subject and provides a safe trading platforms.


Will it help your business

It is a safe and straightforward way for both experienced and novice traders to invest in some of the most popular stocks.  With the option, you can either buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price on or before a specific date, regardless of how that asset performs. The option price will depend on many factors including what happens to the stock’s value in the meantime, but it also takes into account whether it’s going up or down (known as volatility).

What type of investor are you

Many inexperienced investors with limited capital looking for a lower-risk investment may find Vanilla options more appealing. The CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX, remains near historic lows which indicates that stocks aren’t as volatile as they have been in the past. This tends to dissuade investors from investing in equities, so they turn to other assets instead. And even if an investor already has an equity portfolio, Vanilla options can help diversify their holdings and reduce risk by eliminating a downside risk.