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Why is the hotel mattress so comfortable?

I believe there are a large number of value friends, will have encountered this situation, is why the hotel mattress so comfortable. So, with this problem, I came to give you a small science of why the hotel mattress so comfortable.

Here first: the impact of a mattress comfort, is with the sleep environment, the use of mattresses (mattresses of any of the different structures will also affect the comfort.) The fatigue of the body (the degree of tiredness) is related.

Many people are curious about why the hotel mattress will be so comfortable, here to share some of the reasons why the hotel mattress so comfortable for your reference.

Why the hotel mattress is always very soft and comfortable?

In fact, in foreign countries, most of the higher hotels, the general mattress as consumables, rather than durable goods. Not only the hotel, even the family people will be mattresses as wear and tear. This is why?

A better mattress abroad

A mattress is also sold for six, seven hundred U.S. dollars, and according to their average monthly income is 4K to 6K U.S. dollars, so six, seven hundred things for them is not worth.

Senior a little hotel, generally in 2-3 months a new mattress, not only for comfort, but also for health and other issues, because the mattress is not the general household use, but commercial use, so the mattress is necessary to replace the new.

The general household mattress is recommended 2-3 years should be replaced with a new one, the longest not more than 5 years. Because a long time, there will be a large number of bacteria and mites living on it, I tried to use the mite meter with vacuum function, a suction can suck a cup out, even if the bed sheet will run into the mattress, I do not know why.

Well-known international brand mattress merchants

Certain well-known international brand mattress merchants will have a kind of retirement contract before the sale, if not long-term cooperation, the hotel within a few years without retirement, and then re-buy a new batch of mattresses with this mattress merchants, even if the first time you buy enough, but still will not sell you.

As for the general hotel

Most of the domestic hotels, because the hotel environment furnishings or decorations can be seen and touched, often because of the change of style and change, bed linen and other bedding will be happy to replace, but most of them are white, changed you do not know.

But because the mattress is wrapped up in sheets, even by the bed frame to cover up, the general customer will not pay attention to the mattress. Will only pay attention to sleep comfortable, so the general hotel mattress is available for 5-10 years, or even longer.

Generally very senior hotel will use the bed sheet, you can see the corners and the whole are very full, because the inside is filled with cotton. At the same time can also see the bed sheet has been completely covered the mattress, but not only the bed sheet how thick, only as a secondary role, equivalent to your car no matter how good-looking, how high, but the right engine can not, the car or not. The same reason.

But because the mattress fabric itself is of the fluffy type, at first is not so soft, after a long time use, it will be pressed to become more soft, and the mattress or commercial use, so the fluffy layer will be soft faster and faster. Plus the mattress surface also laid a thick layer of something like a mattress, increasing the thickness of the mattress comfort layer, making the mattress more comfortable.

General fabric will have such a layer of sponge underneath, the more sponge, the thicker, then the mattress comfort layer is high, the more comfortable 

This thick layer of things, we often say latex, comfort layer of comfort will change with the fabric, sponge, latex increase or decrease.

Here I tell you, in fact, only the back sleeper mattress practice is different, on the one-piece practice, the lower vertical practice, the practice of different does not affect the comfort of the mattress, but this practice naturally has his unique reasons, want to know what reasons? Can pay attention to my updated article Oh!

Finally summed up

First, usually in the hotel mattress why so comfortable, not so comfortable at the beginning, but the use of a long time will become comfortable.

Second, the mattress thickness guide in the hotel, not only a thick comfort layer, while there is a thick layer of mattress, will become close to the comfort layer of the mattress, deepening the sense of envelopment and softness.

So, to create a hotel mattress comfort how to do it?

One, the choice of mattress is with a comfort layer, or another layer of quilts on top, but the quilts are used cotton as filler, long-term sleep will be pressed out of a mark, the cotton compacted, so not very durable.

Second, the room environment can be arranged to be comfortable, good hygiene, room lighting using warm tones, while bed sheets, covers, etc. can be used white, similar to the hotel, that will be more comfortable to sleep on.

Third, the most suitable for the human body to sleep in the ambient temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, maintain the temperature in this state will sleep well, but also to keep the room dry, if too wet can buy a dehumidifier. Pumping a night is certainly full.

Finally warm reminder

General travel but three or two days, and a fluffy mattress, sleep a three or two days and sleep a week, or long-term sleep, is different. Perhaps you arrive at the hotel, check-in procedures to put down the luggage, when your whole person has been very tired, then lie down again when the mattress, you will feel very comfortable. This has something to do with human fatigue as well. So not necessarily three or two days of good sleep, on behalf of the mattress is suitable for long-term use.