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Why is proofreading very popular?

The proofreading service is quite popular in the field of translation for several objective reasons:

  • The essay proofreading service helps avoid mistakes, inaccuracies, and the use of words or terms that may be inappropriate due to cultural differences and dialectical differences;
  • Helps prevent misinterpretation of instructions, which in turn can cause serious consequences;
  • Eliminates grammatical and lexical errors that can endanger one’s reputation, both in professional life and in everyday life.

Here’s an example: in English, “once” translates to “once, once,” while in Spanish, “once” means “11.” Because of the same spelling of words, but completely different meanings, there can be serious confusion. For example, when translating the medical instructions, this mistake was made, and instead of taking the drug once a day, the patient was suggested to take it as many as 11 times. Unfortunately, this does happen, and this is an example from a real document, an error in our editor noticed when he was proofreading the documentation of a pharmaceutical company.

Translations and proofreading

Lexical and phraseological meanings of words can vary depending on the region of the country and the dialect, so we also take this into account when translating.

To summarize, we can safely say that the main mission of Wordpoint – is to provide the highest quality, professional, and most accurate translation regardless of the industry and subject matter of the source document. Essayedge offers the following services:

Translation followed by proofreading: if the text is translated by our specialists, it is then proofread and edited by our Quality Control Department. The fact that the proofreading is done by another person guarantees an objective view of the text and, in the end, a better result. They never assign one person to do both translation and editing, since it is easy to overlook their own mistakes.

Proofreading: quite often individuals and companies send us translations of documents and projects completed by other translation agencies for proofreading. We are always ready to help with the expertise of the finished translation, no matter how urgent the order is.

Why do you need it?

Nowadays almost all imported products come with instructions in 3 to 5 languages. Unfortunately, it often happens that the manufacturer entrusts the text of the manual to non-professional translators and in the end the text gets distorted. There is a risk that the buyer may not understand the instructions and be disappointed with the product and the brand. Moreover, following such incorrect instructions can endanger the health of the customer or others. In some cases, such a seemingly insignificant omission can lead to unpredictable consequences. For this reason, we strongly recommend that manufacturers who focus on international trade make use of professional proofreading services. In this case, an editor will be assigned to each language, who will make sure that the instructions are complete and absolutely accurate.