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Why is Hazarat the most incredible virtual game provider?

The online gaming industry has been growing so fast that even pioneered firms in this section may have some significant issues adapting to rapid changes in this world. One of these fast-growing sections within this business is virtual games such as Pokemon GO, where every day we see new variants that even best-known players may not be familiar with. Maybe all of us are familiar with these virtual games; however, when we speak of online virtual games, this issue might be a little more complicated, and finding a suitable platform can be challenging. Today we are going to speak about one of the leading websites that have accomplished what many consider impossible over the past few years. Hazarat website is one of the online virtual games providers that has always tried to be a distinguished platform for Iranian players over the last few years and now tends to grow its services to other English-speaking countries as well.

Pouyan Mokhtari

One of the reasons that the Hazarat website has done a great job since now is because of its creator, one of the most well-known singers and celebrities among Iranians. Mokhtari started his career when he was 22 years old, and ever since then; there has been no stop to his actions. As he knew working in the music section inside Iran was somehow impossible, he decided to abandon his country and head to Istanbul. There he became acquainted with other musicians and as a result, he changed his career and started to develop a platform where Iranians could play virtual games and experience new entertainment.

Mokhtari, considered a visionary person, has changed this industry and now provides an in-game model to all the users on the website. Since online virtual games is not legal in Iran, Mokhtari decided to continue his gaming career outside Iran and now lives in European countries. Now we look at a depth of activities that this website provides.

Why should we choose the Hazarat website?

While many still believe that a truly free-to-play website may not be available, Hazarat is one of those websites that has disappointed all of them so far. Pouyan Mokhtari has a business model in which all people can play their desired most, and there they can earn some extra points and use them in other games. Points help players have higher ranks than before, and this method of presenting the website help so many players.

Since online virtual games are all about the mathematical algorithm, on some websites, this algorithm does not quite work well and can cause much unchangeable damage to users’ accounts. However, when we speak of a great website such as Hazarat, the management used the best possible codes to create a great platform where players can play.

The in-game playing method that Hazarat has used is one of the most suitable ways to provide services, and Mokhtari has used this model on his website. On this website, players pay money to buy some digital pointa and use them within the game. Hazarat is the first Iranian game that provided this business model, and ever since then, it has become a leading provider of these games worldwide. Today this platform provides its services to non-Persian players as well.

Hazarat’s mobile application

One of the reasons that Hazarat was successful in this challenging industry is the way it represents itself. It has always tried to become one of the first service providers, and this made them unique. Its application was the first online Persian virtual game app, making them the pioneers of online mobile games in Iran. In this very app, players are able to play Counter Strike, Snack Games, and Crash. As Crash is the most popular online virtual game in Iran, providing it on cellphones was a genuine way to make the Hazarat outstanding.

Tech Support on Hazarat

When we speak of the digital world, everything can go wrong within a second, and if a website does not provide tech support to its users in less than a few minutes, it can lose all its reputation. Up until now, Hazarat has done a great job on this part as well and provides 24/7 support to all its customers; if any player has tech problems, they can reach out to this part and solve the issues within a second. All these advantages are why players should choose Hazarat over other websites to play virtual games.