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Why having an NFC business card will make your networking game stronger

Having an NFC business card will undoubtedly make your networking game stronger. The entire experience of exchanging contact information is transformed when using a digital business card, and you can impress people right from the start!

How is the experience different? Once you present your digital business card, most people will immediately be intrigued as to what the card is and how it functions, and the next step is just as simple. Tap your card towards the recipient’s phone and just like that, they now have all your contact info ready to be saved with just a tap of a button. This entire process allows for you and whoever you are exchanging information with, to transcend the old ways of doing so.

 The entire experience becomes memorable and something that can be recalled, spread, and expanded upon. Due to the fact that no one has to download any third-party apps, or have to perform any additional preparation steps makes this entire ‘transaction’ simple, easy to pick up, and pretty much self-explanatory. 

And best of all, this will result in probably one of the best advantages of having an NFC business card, no more carrying business cards in your pockets… or even worse, forgetting to take your business cards! You simply have one physical card on you at all times, that stays on you! You no longer have to worry about costs that might come up in the future with re-printing or changing the entire design due to you getting promoted! All the information stored on the card can be changed and edited at any time. 

And that card isn’t just some white piece of paper with black text listing out your contact information. It can be completely customized and branded towards your company’s image or whichever aesthetic you may be looking for – ranging from polka dot to your own picture! I think it is safe to say that everyone you show your NFC business card to, will jump at the opportunity  to ask you where you got yours and how to get one of their own.

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