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Why are MERV 8 Filters so Popular in the US

Air filters play significant roles when it comes to air quality.  You might encounter numerous health issues and allergies if your filter isn’t ideal.  Merv ratings allow homeowners to compare air filters and select the most efficient one to meet residential and commercial needs.  The Merv 8 filters are the most utilized in the United States.  Keep reading to discover why the Merv 8 filter is popular in united states markets.

What makes Merv 8 popuar?

To understand why MERV 8 filter is common in America, you must first know the available air filters’ Merv ratings and their applications.  There are several Merv groups utilized to rank air filters.  Check out the list below.

Merv 13 to 16 -These air filters control most tobacco smoke, sneezing pollutants, and airborne bacteria.  They are mostly suited for smoking lounges, surgery facilities, and commercial properties with superior AC systems.

Merv 9 to 12-Under this class, its air filters that efficiently control welding fumes, vehicle emissions, lead dust, and humidifier dust.  They are mostly utilized at hospital labs and commercial buildings in busy cities.

Merv 5 to 8 -These air filters effectively control dust, mold spores, and hair sprays.  They are applicable at paint booths, most residences, and industrial working areas.Merv8 filters are highly effective at controlling contaminants ranging from ten micrometers in size.

Merv 1to 4-They work perfectly at controlling large particles like carpet fibers, sanding dust, spray paint dust, and lint.  They are filters utilized in most window AC units.

Most MERV 8 filters are 2-inch pleated filters that have become common in the united states since the 1970s.  They are utilized in most American homes to eliminate contaminants present in houses and protect the functioning of AC units and overall efficiency.

Most people prefer the MERV 8 filter since it offers several health benefits.  It helps curb asthma and allergies as it effectively traps most indoor contaminants.

Another reason the MERV 8 filter is popular is that it is cost-friendly and easy to maintain.  Although it depends on the manufacturer, MERV 8 filters can last around three to six months, and others can even last a year.

How can I choose an air filter?

When choosing an air filter for your property or working area, the most crucial factor to consider is understanding your air quality.  Therefore start by analyzing the contaminants that might affect your air quality.  Choose an air filter basing your options according to those pollutants and adhere to your manufacturer’s guidelines for serving your filter.

Also, remember that MERV 8 filters effectively eliminate most particles, but you need to change them regularly to maintain optimal functioning.  If you need to use a higher MERV filter, ensure the filter is modified to perform in residential systems since most of these filters are made for commercial purposes.

Final thoughts

AC filters are crucial parts of AC components.  They are the key to quality and clean air.  It is important to understand your needs before you select an AC filter.  If you know MERV ratings, you will get the right filter for either commercial or residential purposes.  For household purposes, consider a MERV 8 filter.