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Why are DNS services important? 

DNS services are becoming more and more widely known in the business field, and a massive amount of corporations want to take advantage of them. But why? Let’s dive deep into what DNS actually is and why DNS services are so important.

What is DNS? 

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a global naming system that serves to link a domain name with its corresponding IP address. It matches the precise hosts to exactly their addresses and routes all the DNS queries.

If it did not exist, it would be incredibly hard to use the Internet. Everyone would have to know all the IP addresses of the hosts they want to connect to. 

DNS services explained

DNS services offer comprehensive DNS management. You can effortlessly administrate your domain name and quickly adjust your DNS zones and DNS records. Additionally, there are so many useful features that DNS services offer, like Dynamic DNS, Anycast DNS, Reverse DNS, Secondary DNS, DNSSEC, and many more.

Most importantly, you are able to choose a service that fits your company’s needs perfectly.

How to start?

You can start using DNS services by reviewing DNS hosting providers. Make sure to select one that is well-known and reliable, such as ClouDNS, Cloudflare, and others. They have an extensive list of services, which are brilliant.

The truth is that the Domain Name System (DNS) has plenty to offer. That is why it is especially important to choose wisely your DNS service. It is best to determine the needs of your domain name and then select the perfect option for it. The result will be a great performance, a boost in speed, and reduced loading time.

Types of DNS services

Basically, DNS services can be divided into two primary types – Free DNS service and Premium DNS service. Let’s clarify a little bit more about each of them and help you understand which is the best alternative for your business.

  • Free DNS service: 

Every business with an online presence on the Internet requires a service like that. It is absolutely necessary to provide the ability for your domain to be visible and accessible. That is why it is completely free. However, its features are extremely limited. Therefore, the Free DNS service is the perfect fit for website owners that are just beginning to use a Domain Name System (DNS). Additionally, it is great also for anyone with a small personal blog.

  • Premium DNS service:

This service is considered to be great for managing domain names, especially because it delivers many advanced features. Premium DNS comes with not one or two but numerous tools that professional administrators normally require. Using it, you take advantage of better speed, more DNS records and DNS zones, Load balancing techniques, DNSSEC, DNS Failover, and so on. It is a service especially recommended for businesses with an online presence that is considered medium or large-sized. It is a perfect opportunity that works great for security and high-traffic demands.

Why is DNS service important for your business?

The implementation of a DNS service is extremely important and beneficial when you are building your online presence. It can have a positive effect on the customer experience and the performance of your website, including speed, uptime, and privacy.

Here are some important things you need to know about DNS services and the main motives why they are crucial:

  • It helps you retain potential clients. By providing quick answers to users’ requests and faster loading time, there is no risk for them to abandon your website. Besides, search engines like Google and Bing value these factors and, based on them and many more, rank your website higher or lower in their search results.
  • A reliable and secure DNS service is a key component for the protection of your domain name from many malicious attempts like DDoS attacks. 
  • There are many providers, and they all offer different levels of service or guarantees. Keep this in mind! There is a big difference between hosting your domain name on one server and on a network of servers placed in many different geographical locations. Additionally, make sure to check the number of DNS queries. Sometimes they are limited, and in other cases, they can be limitless.
  • Uptime is especially vital. It defines the period of time your website is available for users. Potential failures or down servers are going to reflect on your website and perhaps cause it to go off. That, on the other hand, could lead to unpleasant financial losses. 
  • Make sure to choose a reliable DNS hosting provider. That is crucial for the great performance of your online business and directly affects the speed, availability, and security of your website.


DNS services are beneficial and important for the amazing performance of your website. Especially if you have to handle a lot of traffic, these services will provide great features and tools that can be extremely helpful!