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Why APICS Certification can take your Career to the next level?

APICS certification could be the key to turbocharging your Supply Chain Management career. Here are ten great advantages of getting certified:

APICS Certification is more than just a point of pride. It can lead to a better, more productive career in operations management. With it, people and organizations gain efficiency in business processes and resources. Here are the top 10 benefits of APICS Certification:

1. Boost job performance – With enhanced knowledge, individuals have improved problem-solving, concept understanding, and customer relations.

2. Expand knowledge base – Gaining one or more APICS certifications teaches deep insights on operations management topics like government regulations, supply chain logistics, and production planning techniques.

3. Show expertise – Certificates signify the holder has met professional standards for operations management proficiency, tested via comprehensive exams.

4. Establish credentials fast – University degrees take years to finish. With an APICS Certification, you get credentials quickly and move up your career faster.

5. Increase earning power – The median salary for a Certified Supply Chain Professional from 2016 to 2017 was $89,600 (SCM World).

6. Build skills – Through the educational requirements for certification status, you create core foundations for multiple facets in operations, including customer service initiatives, inventory control projects, and business plans.

7. Get discounts on educational materials – Certified individuals get discounts on high-level instructional materials.

8. Shine in interviews – With stiff competition in the marketplace, an APICS Certification gives you an edge in the interviewing process.

9. Gain recognition – As an organizationally recognized achievement, your abilities are elevated among peers, fostering growth and business potential.

10. Increase leadership stature – With certificate achievement, individuals gain more respect among colleagues, opening future opportunities to climb executive ladders.

What is APICS Certification?

APICS Certification Training is a program designed to improve education, proficiency and credibility of operations management professionals. It focuses on modules like logistics, transportation and distribution, inventory planning, production, purchasing and materials sourcing, planning and scheduling, transportation, and customer service.

There are many types of APICS Certifications. They include CSCP, CPIM, CLTD, Train the Trainer, SCOR-DS and more. Employers search for certified professionals who can guarantee quality and efficiency.

APICS provides credentialing to individuals who want to be operation management professionals. After passing the exam, which tests knowledge in topics like inventory optimization, materials sourcing and customer service delivery, they get an Internationally Recognized APICS certification that is valued worldwide. This designation shows commitment to excellence and fills knowledge gaps due to changes in the industry or lack of development opportunities.

APICS offers cost-effective certifications for experienced and new professionals. Benefits include recognition and job opportunities, so it’s no wonder why APICS is among the most sought-after certifications.

Benefits of APICS Certification

APICS Certification provides the knowledge and credentials needed to excel in supply chain fields. Gaining certification can give distinct advantages, boost career prospects, and propel ahead of competition. Here are 10 benefits of APICS Certification:

1. Job Security – Companies rely on certified experts to set up supply chain networks. Having APICS certification on your resume makes it more difficult to eliminate in business downturns.

2. Enhanced Opportunities – Companies need employees with supply chain knowledge and look for those with APICS certification. This gives certified individuals an advantage over non-certified candidates.

3. Increased Income Potential – Certified professionals earn 15-18% more than their non-certified counterparts.

4. Published Credibility – Certified individuals show commitment to the field, leading to trust from employers and peers.

5. Benefits Your Organization – Certifying through APICS increases individual credentials at 0 cost or low cost. This strengthens overall operations and boosts market competition.

6. Build Strategic Contacts – The APICS network has highly qualified experts who can benefit each other through mentoring, networking and independent organization representatives. It encourages collaborations between organizations, increasing customer service and relationship retention.

7. Understand Global Practices & Technology – Access to global information is possible through courses instructed by industry gurus, leading to insight into emerging technologies.

8. Develop Cross-Functional Skills – Reinforce knowledge about technological systems and components across enterprise, giving access to best practices and innovation.

9. Improve Professional Image – Credentials give customers confidence in abilities. This improves confidence levels and breaks down preventative walls.

10. Strategic Leverage– Strategically plan initiatives and leverage functions by addressing fading anticipations and unlocking unparalleled comparisons.