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Which trim is the best for the 2022 Kia Telluride? Find out here

If you’re looking for a large, practical, comfortable family vehicle, the Telluride has you covered across the board. Sporting the rugged look of an SUV, the affordability of a less luxurious vehicle, and the spacious comfort of a minivan, it’s a knockout for large families or small families who want a bit of extra space for their trips. However, even if you decide on buying a Telluride, you’ll have to choose which trim you want. It isn’t an easy decision, so we’re here to help guide you.


Despite being the least expensive trim, the LX doesn’t feel cheap. The base engine features an impressive and smooth 291 hp. It comfortably seats eight people. The 10.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system is In line with higher models from competitors. While it may be lacking a little in customizability, the basic components of the LX model are enough to satisfy most. If you were to drive one without knowing the details of the more expensive trims, you might not be able to tell the difference.

Starting at $34,345, the LX is $2,500 cheaper than the starting price for the S models. If you aren’t picky in the ways of creature comforts and want to save some cash, this might be the model for you.


If your budget is a little more generous, the S provides some impressive upgrades, especially when it comes to style. The S trim level’s main additions include sleek satin chrome all over, including the door handles, grille, and panels below the doors. 20-inch polished wheels also help you feel like you’re sitting tall.

The new features aren’t all cosmetic though. The S includes new driver and passenger seats which are heated and electrically-powered. There are also additional captain’s chairs on the second row and a power sunroof. For a slightly higher monthly payment, these additions might be just what you need for an extra feeling of luxury each time you enter the driver’s seat.


If you’re willing to budget for a few extra $2,500, the Telluride starts to enter extreme luxury territory. Here the features move past simple aesthetic upgrades. Power-folding mirrors, ventilated front seats, and leather seating throughout the vehicle are all wonderful to have, and the eight-direction power passenger seat up front is surprisingly handy, especially when the situation in the back changes frequently. An additional USB port and a second-row sunshade also make for a more enjoyable situation for passengers.

Our favorite addition to the EX models is the power liftgate, which makes loading and unloading cargo a way smoother experience. It’s one of those features that you don’t think about until you have it, but then you can’t imagine not having it.

One strange subtraction on the EX is the 20-inch wheels, which revert back to 18-inch wheels. If sitting taller is important for you, though, you can make the upgrade on the EX too.


At an additional $5,000, the price jump from EX to SX is the largest, but the upgrades are certain to make the spike worthwhile to those who choose to go all the way. These new features improve safety, comfort, and versatility.

There’s no denying it, the Telluride is a large vehicle. With larger cars, overall safety and accident prevention become even more important. Avoiding problems is easier than ever with the SX thanks to a surround-view camera system, front park-distance warnings, and blind-spot monitoring. You’ll have a clear view of every inch of your car’s surroundings. The addition of HomeLink technology will also allow you to control and monitor your home’s garage and front gate, activate and deactivate your home security system, control home lighting, and even control some electronics and appliances.

The interior also gets a number of new features. Dual sunroofs do a great job letting plenty of light in. The 10-speaker Harman Kardon stereo will keep the family entertained from the front all the way to the far back. The driver’s seat also can move 10 ways electronically.

The verdict

Choosing the right Telluride trim comes down to where your priorities lie. If your needs are simple and you don’t care about maximizing the style of an already good-looking car, your best choice might be the LX. If you want to prioritize safety, versatility, and style to the highest degree, go for the SX. We think the latter is probably the best option for those whose budget allows it.

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