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Which Is the Best Forex Card Available in India?

If you are about to travel abroad, you will require several things. Also, you need to keep a lot of factors in your mind as well. Managing expenses and all payments abroad will be the top tier concern for sure. If so, then you need to know some factors about payments, and, of course, a global card will be a more convenient payment method in this situation. So, you need to choose the perfect card that helps you with all the payments. It will be a good option if you research for and get the best forex card in India.

While looking for the best forex card you can get in India and use abroad, you will get several options. It is also not easy to decide the best one without proper research. Rather, you can easily learn all the features of each of the cards, and then choose the one that aligns with your requirements. For example, an international card offering a Zero forex markup facility can be one of the best features you can take care of while choosing a card.

So, let us enlighten you about more such factors that must be taken into consideration before finalizing a foreign exchange card for your travel abroad.

Factors You Need to Take Care of to Choose the Best Forex Card in India

Once you decide to go abroad, you have a lot of arrangements to make. It is a must, and you must take care of managing finances in the first place. Indeed, people prefer to avoid carrying cash, which is why card payments will be most effective. While choosing the cards, you will be able to find forex cards that will be the best. 

You don’t even have to think about the rate of currencies in other countries if you use a forex card. The exchange rate and the fluctuation of the currency rate won’t even bother you at all. The amount you will load on the, no matter what, that amount will be there. That is why these cards will be perfect, and you need to choose the best forex card in India for you as well. Below are some factors that will help you to choose the one for you.

  • Acceptance

 The first thing you need to consider is acceptance while choosing the international card for you. You will need to check the acceptance of that particular card. If most countries and merchants accept that card, it will be good. The more country will accept that, you will get all the facilities in more countries. So, you will profit with a card that will have that facility. International debit card with acceptance from 150+ countries can be an ideal option. Also, it will help you use the card in various countries without any trouble in the future.   

  • Currencies

If you are looking for the best forex card in India, you need to check the types of currencies it can carry. If it covers more than 150+ currencies, that will imply that you will be able to use that in most countries. You don’t even have to think about the currency and the country as well. Also, choosing a foreign exchange card with limited or very few currency can create difficulty in making international payments. For example, if your card only contains dollars, euros or GBP and you need to make payment in Swiss currency, you would not be able to make the payment.  

  • Forex Markup Fees

Once you choose any global card, you must know that many providers charge you for your international transactions. There are multiple forex providers that can charge high on forex markup but if you research you can find low to zero forex markup cards in the market. It will be a better option if this charge is less. You can easily look for some options to get a free of charge card. Nothing can be a better option if any card has zero forex markup charges.

  • Ease of Activation

You need to take care of this factor as well. Once you try to get one, you will need to know that it will ask for some information. KYC will be there, and you need to provide that perfectly. If you can find one provider who will allow you to do that from your home as you wouldn’t need to go to the bank and save time. It is an important factor while choosing the best forex card in India.

It will always be better to get an instant account opening option. While looking for a forex card, you will look for an option that will allow you to access that card instantly. It will also relax your mind, and you can open an account only a few days before your trip abroad.

  • Complimentary Offers

While choosing a forex card for you, you should know that there are also some add-on services. That might even be the lounge access of the airport and 5% interest p.a. on saving account. If so, you will need to know those offerings while choosing the best forex card in India for yourself. 

  • Type of Account

Once you decide on a forex card, you need to know about the account type as well. It will be perfect if it is a savings account for your forex card. Also, there might be another interesting feature, and that will be a zero balance one. If you get a forex card with a zero balance savings account, you can open the forex account anytime without spending an extra penny. Once you get this account, you know you have got the best forex card in India.

  • Interests in Your Savings

If the interest rates are higher, it will also give you more money. So, you need to check this option as well while you go ahead and look for a forex card account. The more the interest rate, the better you will try to get that particular forex card.

  • Insurance and Security

While you are abroad, there might be many different incidents that might happen. You might lose your card, or it might get stolen. That is why you need to go ahead and make it perfect for you with some protection. If you can get a card with some security, then it will be a better option for you. Also, several providers offer some in-built insurance for your forex card itself. You must also check these facilities before choosing the perfect one for you.

  • Customer Care Service

Once you are there in some other countries, you might face many issues with your payment terms. Not only that but there might also be many other issues. Once there are issues, you should contact customer care for that card. If there is a provider with 24×7 customer care service, it will be the best forex card in India for you. You can easily choose that one to use as well.

  • Investment Options

You can easily choose one card that will allow you to go ahead with some investments. That will help you get more money, and you can even use them to pay for various expenditures. That will eventually become the money that you can spend abroad. A forex card that will allow you to invest in mutual funds without any commission will be a better option for you itself.

  • Real-Time Tracking is Important

While you will be abroad and spending using your forex card, you need to go ahead and get the real-time tracking of your balance. That will help you to understand how much you can spend and how to make the budget. If you can find some option that will help you get the same in that particular currency through any app, then it will be perfect.


You have already learned about the most effective factors to help you choose the best forex card in India. You also have to know how to check all the factors. So, keep learning about forex cards to ensure you choose the best one for yourself. That will help you get a hassle-free trip. Bon Voyage!