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Which are the Best Black di Forza Rims from Savini Wheels?

You don’t need to be an expert on aftermarket wheels to know about how spectacularly Savini Wheels has impacted the market! When it was set up in 2003, the market did not have too many brands willing to put their clients in charge; instead, you and I had to buy from a pre-set array of models that were available.

Savini did its bit to alter that. It was one of the first major brands to actually provide the customer with enough choice and the power to alter and customize the wheel designs till its standards met what they wanted.

Of course, the market for customized and high-end wheels has exploded in recent years. Even owners of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys are not averse to having a set of finely designed and lightweight forged or cast aluminum wheels to add more brownie points for style.

The Black di Forza range that Savini Wheels has offered for some years now boasts some of the most HQ wheels ever to hit the market. Let’s take a quick look at what sets these models apart, and then we will list out the top 3 rims from this particular range.

Why Black di Forza?

Before starting off, this is one question that has to be answered. Many who are new to the uber-luxe section of the aftermarket are not very sure about whether they should pay so much for these wheels.

Make no mistake: being a major power brand in this niche of the aftermarket, Savini Wheels are usually some of the most expensive rims you will come across. That said, there are several reasons you should buy them. A few are:

  • Loftier aesthetics: Regardless of whether you opt for cast or forged models, these are by far some of the classiest wheels you will come across. Savini’s design team pays special importance to client feedback and modifies the models slightly each year.

They will look good on the most premium vehicles on the market and will probably make them look even better, something that is not easy to achieve.

  • Better inertial return: Getting back to the aspect of engineering, Savini Wheels has been a master of materials for several years. It has been shown to be capable of superior flow-forging and get rid of gravity casting for good. All models in this range are more concave than most other similar wheels and have a better return on inertia.

What this means is that you will have better control over your vehicle while navigational prowess will also rocket upwards.

  • Lighter than almost anything out there: Whether you are buying Black di Forza wheels for your Mercedes-Benz S-Class or your Nissan GT-R, rest assured that Savini Wheels only has the most lightweight rims on offer. This means you get to save a ton of money on fuel since the unsprung weight will also be quite low.

All of these factors come together to put lower pressure on your premium car’s suspension and other sensitive areas, making them work better and look like a million bucks extra!

The 3 top Black di Forza Wheels

Now that we have a bit more insight into Savini Wheels, here’s more from the range.

  1. BM15: This is a true one-directional wheel crafted from 1 solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum, the material of choice for every model here. It is one of the company’s bestselling directional wheels and has a concavity factor that is far more increased than before. 2023 saw a revamped version of the BM15 and it is no secret that this model has been one of the most phenomenally popular models with owners of super-premium sedans and sports cars.

Newbies to the world of Savini should opt for the 20-inch staggered BM15 in gloss black. It has enough room for customization and is a natural stunner in its 10-spoke avatar.

It is a dream model for people looking to buy wheels that can be used on a daily basis without reducing the oomph factor by even a single notch.

2. BM12: The machined BM12 comes in second only because it sells in slightly lower numbers than the BM15. By any other yardstick, it is a fantastic wheel with optimal weight distribution, superior aesthetics, low weight, and fantastic looks that feel more at home on the ramp than on the streets.

Try out the 22-inch BM12 since it offers you an option to upgrade to a bigger tire. The BM12 can be made-to-order on several different facets. It works just as great as it looks and is considered one of the finest choices for high-profile sports cars and supercars.

Savini Wheels also offers the BM12 in a number of widths, yet another example of how remarkably customer-centric the company is.

3. BM13: Though all Black di Forza models looked the same? Well, trust Savini to break the mold anyway it can. The BM13 comes in a split-spoke design with fine machining and an interchangeable center piece that you can swap for your vehicle-maker’s insignia. The BM13 has been very successful across the US and other countries in the premium supercar segment and is a particular favorite with owners of Mustangs.

Simultaneously, it has been well-regarded by Ferrari owners too. A cracker of a luxury wheel, the BM13 is!

Before we go

As mentioned above, these Savini Wheels can be pretty expensive. Plus, there are several fake models on the market- another cause for concern.
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