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Which Appliance Colors Work Best for Your Home?

On average, kitchen appliances tend to last between 10 to 15 years. Of course, you might also need new appliances if you’ve just moved to a new home or plan to do a kitchen remodel.

Whatever the case, appliance colors are crucial to interior design and creating an appealing home style. From fridge colors to stove colors, every decision matters.

The following guide will help you select appliance colors for your home to create a great aesthetic.

Modern Kitchen Colors

Consider metallic finishes for your kitchen appliances if you want to achieve a modern or futuristic look. Metallic finishes also work well for minimalist kitchen designs to create a clean and elegant style.

Remember to match all other metals in your kitchen to the finish of your appliances. Examples include faucets, handles, and other furniture in the kitchen. Keeping metallic items close in appearance makes the overall design look sleek.

It’s important to note that polished metal appliances appear brighter but show fingerprints very easily. Prepare yourself for a little extra maintenance if you plan on going with polished finishes to keep them looking their best.

Matching Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets and appliances with metal finishes work well together despite seeming like total opposites. For example, wood stainless steel appliances create a visual break in kitchens with wood cabinets and highlight their natural patterns.

Just make sure that your cabinet handles match the metal finish of your appliances. That way the room looks tied together despite the contrasting materials. You can visit Express Appliance Outlet for examples of metal finishes that go well with wood.

Transitional Styles

Transitional kitchen styles fall somewhere between classic and modern styles. It’s a beautiful look that usually involves white or gray metals with wood cabinets.

The goal is to combine different neutral colors and textures to contrast your metallic appliances. Consider warmer metals such as brass or bronze to pull off a transitional kitchen style.

Brushed brass tends to go well with stainless steel because it offers a slight warmness that won’t counter the steel too drastically. Remember to use lots of textures by adding things like cane seats and placemats for a diverse palette.

Black and White

Is there any other kitchen color scheme more timeless than black and white? The combo creates a striking and dramatic look without using any over-the-top colors that might go out of style eventually.

Consider pairing black appliances with white cabinetry to complete this look. You want to incorporate just enough black so that it’s bold but not overpowering.

Try to spread out your black appliances enough so that the look isn’t too overbearing or imbalanced. Note that it’s a risky look for smaller kitchens without a lot of cabinets.

Selecting Appliance Colors

Whether you want a traditional, modern, or transitional look, you now know how to select your appliance colors. Just remember to consider the size of your kitchen and don’t forget to match things like handles and faucets!

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