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When is the right time to get in touch with an urologist?

A major discomfort is when you face inconvenience when using the washroom or are in pain due to urinary tract problems. These problems not only impact your peeing but have some adverse effects such as non-reproductivity in men. These are some reasons why you should never take such problems for granted or lightly. If you find any discomfort in your urinary process, then you should immediately consult a doctor who specializes in dealing with such health problems. Reading further will help you understand the right time to see a urologist Brooklyn New York:

Frequent urinary pain

Visiting the washroom and going through a painful peeing experience is terrifying. An increase in the pain will prevent you from using the loo whenever you feel like and this may lead to increased problems. Thus, if you are having pain while peeing, it is time you see a urologist.

Unable to control urination

Another problem that needs immediate attention is no or less control over your urination. However, that doesn’t imply that you should hold it for long hours as it will impact your kidney health. But if you are unable to control your urine pressure and need to rush to the washroom immediately, there is a hidden problem that only a urologist will uncover.

Blood in urine

Apart from pain or discomfort while urinating, serious trouble is spotting blood in your urine. It may be due to Urinary Tract Infections or something severe developing in your urinary bladder or urethra. So, to identify the problem and cure it at an early stage, consult a urologist soon.

Male Reproduction problems

Planning to have a baby yet your partner isn’t conceiving even after you try? It might be because of urology-related problems, such as enlarged prostate. These issues can be identified by a urologist and they can help you recover quickly. And, recovering soon will help you in blessing yourself with children rather than struggling because of your health.

Ignored urology-related problems can also be the beginning of some severe health conditions such as kidney stones or cancer. And, the more you avoid getting it checked and seek medical attention immediately, the conditions may worsen resulting in your being dragged to the hospital for painful procedures. To conclude, take good care of your health and do not avoid even the slightest pain or problem that you spot in your body. Reacting later may turn out to be physically, emotionally as well as financially stressful.