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What You Need To Know About New York Nail Gun Accidents

How common are nail gun injuries in New York?

Nail gun injuries are widespread in New York. While many people are aware of the dangers associated with nail guns, the number of accidental shootings continues to climb each year. These dangerous devices can cause severe and even fatal injuries, such as tissue damage, broken or fractured bones, or infection. To make matters worse, hospital visits due to nail gun-related accidents have increased significantly since 2020. Though it is almost impossible to eliminate these injuries, everyone using a nail gun must stay vigilant when handling this potentially dangerous tool.

What is the most common nail gun injury in New York?

New York nail gun accidents can cause serious injuries, even deaths. In New York, tissue damage is the most common injury resulting from a nail gun accident. When a person is accidentally struck with a nail fired from a nail gun, it can puncture and tear the skin leading to pain and disfigurement. If you or a loved one has been involved in a New York nail gun accident, contact an experienced New York nail gun accident lawyer as soon as possible. Acting quickly for your legal team to get the best outcome for your case is vital.

How do you treat an injured nail gun?

Injuries from nail guns can range from minor to severe, so it is vital to take the proper safety precautions when operating them. If an injury occurs, the first step should be to turn off the gun and stop using it immediately. The injured area should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water and soap, and then a sterile dressing should be applied if there is any bleeding. Medical attention should be sought immediately if the injury is more than skin-deep. If swelling or redness persists after wrapping the wound, further medical treatments will likely be needed. Taking special care at each step of addressing an injured nail gun is essential to a healthy recovery process.

Can you survive a nail gun to the head?

A nail gun to the head is an alarming scenario that sounds impossible to survive. Fortunately, due to the design of nail guns, it would most likely be next to impossible for you to take a lethal shot with one. Nail guns fire at low pressure and drive nails into wood or metal, but not deep enough to penetrate the skull. There is only one reported case in which someone has survived being shot in the head with a nail gun! This incredible occurrence demonstrates how miraculous our bodies can be when pushed to their limits.

Are nail gun accident injuries permanent?

Despite being incredibly convenient for chores such as nailing wood together, nail guns can cause some severe harm to the user when misused. In extreme cases, injuries sustained from a nail gun accident can range from minor flesh wounds to more permanent damage. Treatments will vary depending on the injury’s severity and where it was suffered. Even though prompt medical attention and adequate care are vital after an incident involving a nail gun, it is essential to remember that specific injuries could be permanent. Those using nail guns must also bear this in mind and take every precaution necessary to avoid an unpleasant and potentially life-changing experience.