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What TV should you buy?

In the market for a new TV? Chances are you’ll have seen there are all manners of TV size, quality, and price.

TVs are always evolving and believe it or not, TVs are often designed for different tasks. One TV will work perfectly in the living room of a gamer while another would be better suited to binge watching Netflix in a bedroom.

So, even if you believe you’ve found the best 43-inch TV to buy, check this article to make sure you’re getting the perfect TV for your needs.


An obvious starting point will be just how large you want the TV to be. A kitchen or spare bedroom probably won’t warrant a 75-inch TV in the same way you probably wouldn’t want  a 24-inch TV nestled in your living room. The size of your TV should be in proportion to the room you’re installing it in to get the most out of the viewing experience.

Smaller TVs make sense as secondary units and will obviously be a lot cheaper than a large TV. They won’t come with the latest technological breakthroughs like 4K (Ultra High Definition) but there are now LED (light emitting diode) options that offer better picture quality.

Larger TVs are at the forefront of the technological evolution and will often come with excellent picture quality but will inevitably cost a lot more. Its for this reason that a larger TV will work better as your primary TV in your living room. From here you have a choice of sizes ranging from the humble (40-inches) all the way up to 80-inch monsters. Its with these sizes that you can also get the best picture quality. Both 4 and 8K resolutions will be available at this size, its simply up to you which one you want.

Ask yourself what you’ll mainly be using the TV for


The core to streaming content is having a smart TV. This means the TV can be connected to internet which will give you access to streaming services like Netflix and Now TV.

These streaming services have increasingly made use of 4K content, something that’s unheard of for on traditional TV (cable and even satellite). For that reason, if you’re a massive fan of binge watching shows online, a 4K option will give you the best viewing experience.

Film buffs

Movies are the first form of media to properly embrace 4K TVs which means a 4K TV is a must.

Audio is the one area where TVs have struggled a little bit with the slimming down of TVs. It’s still worth looking for a TV with a Dolby sound system but for the best audio experience possible, get a quality sound bar.

A smart feature will also allow you access to a larger library of content too, often streamed in 4K.


If you’re an avid gamer then you should be looking at refresh rate as a top priority. Some premium TVs will even feature a variable refresh rate (VRR) that’ll make gameplay even easier.

If you’re a gamer, OLED (organic light emitting diode) TVs offer the absolute best refresh rate. This is because OLED is self-emitting and therefore doesn’t require a backlight. These TVs may not have the same colour variation as a QLED (Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode) option, but 4K games will still look absolutely stunning.