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Of all the birthday milestones, the 18th is probably the most significant, as it marks the beginning of adulthood and all that comes with it.

It’s one of the most monumental ages to celebrate, along with the 16th, 21st, 30th, and so on, so you want to make sure you buy the birthday girl or boy one of the best presents.

Show your best friend how much they mean to you with one of these 18th birthday gift ideas that are both sentimental and unusual and will guarantee that neither you nor the birthday are forgotten in a hurry.


This does not mean that you should completely cross material gifts off your list, but for such a special occasion, it is right to come up with something exciting and unforgettable; something that will make your best friend really remember their 18th birthday and tell everyone how lucky they are to have you by their side.

Because the material may be broken or lost, but the memories created will never be erased from their consciousness.

A really unusual suggestion is to spend the day shopping and reward yourself after a tiring day with a delicious dinner at a restaurant.

Get together with your best friends and go to the mall for a relaxing day of shopping, followed by a good treat. Make a reservation in advance, though, so you don’t end up wondering where to go.

If you have an amusement park nearby, you can surprise your best friend by spending an unforgettable day there. Gather the company and indulge in entertainment throughout the day. With this idea, you won’t have to worry about people having a good time. You can be sure that not only the birthday boy/girl but also all the guests will be satisfied with the experience.

Another exciting idea suitable for an 18th birthday is a pool party. In addition to everything else, such a party will not cost you a lot of money and will be an unusual and interesting way to surprise one of your closest people. Selfies, BBQ, fun games, and music – what’s more awesome than that?

If you’re looking for something fun and unusual, then you can book a visit to an escape room. An escape room is a themed, locked room filled with mystery and puzzles that you and your party have to solve in order to get out of the room

With skill and logic, you have to escape from the room in which you are locked. This is a gift that brings friends very close!

If you and your friends have a favorite artist or band, it would be a great surprise for the birthday boy/girl to reserve the best seats for their upcoming concert. This will surely be the most unexpected, but really desired, gift.


Make your best friend’s 18th birthday truly unique by giving him/her a day dedicated entirely to him/her. Everyone needs a well-deserved break, be it after school, work, or other commitments from everyday life.

Everyone dreams of at least one day of complete relaxation. If your best friend has also told you that he needs it, there is nothing more to think about. And after a relaxing day, you can treat yourself properly.

Spa day

Spa parties aren’t just about eyebrow shaping or body hair removal for women. There are equal opportunities for men to pamper themselves while having fun with their beloved friends.

Professional spa centers offer specific treatments made especially for men. Your friend is sure to leave the spa rested and energized for the treat ahead. He would hardly have expected such a surprise, which will make it even more pleasant and unforgettable.

Beauty day

If you are organizing a special surprise for your female girlfriend, you would surely make her very happy with a day dedicated entirely to her, which she can spend in all kinds of beauty treatments – manicure, pedicure, hairdo, shopping, visits to the beautician, etc.

After all this pleasant pampering, she will feel like a real princess and be completely ready to celebrate her 18th birthday in all its glory.

Professional photo shoot

Almost all girls like to take pictures and upload beautiful pictures on social networks. To celebrate her coming of age, give her a gift certificate for a professional photo shoot.

This will be a truly unique gift. She hardly gets to have professional photos taken every day, so this would be something she would really enjoy. And the memory will be unforgettable.

A special lesson or course

Another original idea that will really make your friend feel special is if you give him/her a gift card for something he/she has wanted to do for a long time. Some people dream of attending a drawing lesson, others a dance lesson, others a lesson in some kind of sport, etc.

Depending on your friend’s interests, you will also choose the most suitable course or lesson for them. The good thing is that there are many options, and such a surprise does not happen every day.


If you really want the best for your bestie, then a themed surprise party for his/hers 18th birthday will surely appeal to him/her. Everyone likes something in particular, and lucky for you, theme party ideas are endless

You don’t even need to gather a lot of people. With the closest friends, the party will turn out great, and the surprise will be guaranteed.

Karaoke is not just entertainment but also one of the most modern forms of hobby, which is gaining more and more fans.

Such a party will give you something new to think about, wake you up, get rid of the tiredness that has built up in your body, and make your soul feel light and happy.

But like any entertainment event, it requires preparation, thought, organization, and imagination. You need to select the songs and lyrics in advance so that there is no unnecessary fuss in front of the computer and the sound systems.

The sun, sand, and sea, as well as countless opportunities for outdoor activities, make the setting ideal for a beach party. The first step in organizing a beach party is choosing where to hold it.

Which beach do you choose? Will you travel there, or is it located in the city you live in? All these questions you should ask yourself in advance.

You can have a barbeque, play volleyball, frisbee, or turn the beach field into a competitive water and land course.

A backyard bonfire party, complete with snacks, fireworks, and friends, is roaring good fun on a summer night. The best part about a bonfire party is that it’s the epitome of casual – guests can come as they are in jeans, t-shirts and hoodies.

Carefully select your location to match your requirements, plan a fire-friendly menu, add fun activities and music, and there you go – you’ll be the best friend ever!

Don’t think about the cliche chips and sodas; instead, have a fun time with a mocktail party. Mocktails are just what they sound like – mock cocktails.

There are many opportunities to throw a mocktail party. You can create a fun and festive event without adding alcohol. Put on some feelgood music or a playlist your best friend already loves and just let that be in the background.

Meat and cheese boards are perfect for such parties. Keep your mocktails fresh and well stocked. A blended drink will need to be kept chilled.


Having a best friend is priceless. Over time, this person becomes part of the family, but with him, everything is always fun and pleasant. Being a best friend is a big responsibility.

If you care a lot about your friend and want him/her to have an unforgettable 18th birthday, it is right to harness all your strength, desire, and capabilities and show him/her that he/she is the best in the world. Their reaction will be your greatest reward.