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What Kind of Careers Are Available in the Oil and Gas Industry?

The oil and gas industry is enormous. The sector supports over 11 million jobs in the US. It includes jobs in the energy, manufacturing, services, and information technology industries.

Want to learn more about the different kinds of jobs in this industry? Here, we’ll give you an overview of popular oil industry jobs.

Overview of Oil and Gas Industry Careers

The oil and gas industry offers jobs with a wide range of career paths. There are positions available for professionals from all different backgrounds. Popular careers in the oil and gas sector include:


Surveyors provide accurate data for planning, producing, and constructing oil and gas fields. Surveyors prepare plans, technical reports, advice, and recommendations to engineers.

They identify and compile resources. All these duties rely on the accomplishments and planning of oil and gas projects.

Surveyors keep the site safe and secure by collecting and interpreting spatial data. They set control points in the field and perform control surveys.


There are a lot of opportunities in the oil industry for geologists. They can work as exploration geologists, examining potential sites for extraction.

They can also work as production geologists. They help with producing, extracting, and managing oil and gas reserves.

They may also work in research and development. Their duties include monitoring seismic activity and potential surveying sites.

Geologists review production methods and procedures. They analyze and interpret data. They help maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Safety Officers

Safety officers conduct safety inspections. They also maintain safety records and investigate safety incidents.

They oversee the use of mechanical tools. They also supervise the implementation of best practices.

Offshore Drillers

Offshore drillers are responsible for the rigs’ maintenance, operation, and repair. They provide safety inspections and emergency response training. They also operate air compressors, generators, and winches.

Offshore drillers develop and organize a drill program. They also own excellent people skills to interact with fellow team members.


Accountants manage the financial operations of the oil industry. They implement fundamental accounting principles and industry-specific regulations. They also collect and analyze financial data.

Various accountant roles in this industry include bookkeeper and financial auditor. It also consists of a financial analyst and an internal controller. They create and review economic models and create capital budget plans.

The oil and gas industry is in-demand. The expanding sector offers a range of lucrative and fulfilling opportunities. For other gas industry opportunities, check out Fuelled.

Explore These Careers

The oil and gas industry has abundant and varied career opportunities. From surveyors to geologists and accountants, there is a specialty field that appeals to everyone’s passions and interests.

It will remain viable for years. this is due to the increasing reliance on natural resources.

Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding career? Consider exploring the above opportunities now.

Start your journey today. Research potential employers and apply for open positions.

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