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What Key Features Does VantageMDM Offers You?

While most people are enjoying the multiple uses of kiosk apps, some have no idea how much they can make their work and business better with the help of an MDM-based app. Not only you can improve the work efficiency of your business, but you can also minimize the use of extra resources to figure out the errors and hurdles. From schools to big companies, these software solutions can be seen everywhere performing different tasks to enhance productivity.

What is MDM?

For those, who still don’t know it yet, let’s dig deep into what MDM is exactly. MDM stands for mobile device management and it is a tool for extracting more from technology and helping your team achieve success with minimum technical hurdles. MDM is used at a large scale where it manages digital gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC. At the industry level, it provides the IT department authority to control several devices remotely. MDM is suitable for all sizes of companies from very small to very big. It helps to perform the IT tasks from a central location to support users and devices consistently without manually interrupting them.

By using MDM solutions, the IT department or leadership makes sure that they are providing a structured environment for the team to work without any technical errors or delays. Not only on a corporate level, but MDM works on the education level as well. Since digital devices have become essential when it comes to providing interactive or distant learning, it is important to make sure that those learnings are distractions free, and to make that possible, MDM solutions are there to help.

VantageMDM has been proven to be the best MDM solution that provides the easiest solution for all the technical issues. Whether you want to use it at the corporate level, schools, colleges, departmental stores, restaurants, etc. this is your solution for all the distractions and issues. You can lock a device to one or multiple apps as per the requirement, you can secure the device, resolve to troubleshoot issues rapidly, can monitor the devices, and much more.

Features of VantageMDM

Let’s dig deep into what VantageMDM offers for its clients.

Multiple Platforms

Where you might have to download different apps for different platforms, VantageMDM provides a solution for all the platforms under one roof. It supports Ios, Android, Windows PC, and Chromebook with the features to make those platforms as secure as possible.

Kiosk Mode

If you look around, many big businesses are attracting clients, making conversions, and increasing engagement through the use of kiosk devices. VantageMDM allows any device to go on kiosk mode where you can allow single or multiple apps to run on the device. Starting from retail stores and high-traffic areas, these devices have significant use in healthcare and education as well.

Through the use of VantageMDM, you can get any device to work on single-app or multiple-app kiosk mode depending on how many apps you want to run on it while restricting all the other apps. Through this, you can have great control over the device usage thus leading to maximum productivity, you can get better customer engagement. Also, the Kiosk mode enables the customers to get faster service as they don’t have to wait in lines for long, and thus, it increases customer satisfaction as well.

Internet Filtering

Where digital devices have become common in schools, it has brought worries to the parents who think that their kids might get into other activities with unguided access to the internet at school. To eliminate such doubts and worries, VantageMDM allows you to block any inappropriate site, content, or link, from the devices that the kids are using at school. They won’t be able to access anything dangerous and thus it will create a pure learning environment.

Also, the same feature can be used on a corporate level where your employees are seen to be easily distracted because of the unlimited internet access. It has been observed that it has affected their performance in the worst way, but it can be improved through the use of VantageMDM which allows you to block certain sites and apps so that your employees can stick to their work.

Remote Screen View

It happens a lot of times that students face troubleshooting errors while they are in the class, or distant learning through digital devices. Now, instead of waiting for the IT guy to show and fix the error, VantageMDM gives you a remote screen view where you can see the screen in the IT department and fix the error right away. It provides immediate remote support that leads to less wastage of time.

The same is the case with corporate meetings and conferences where a slide can get stuck or you might not be able to play the video when a lot of professionals are waiting for it. With remote view support, you can make sure that your IT department has eyes on your presentation and will fix the error right away.


VantageMDM provides the security of the devices so that no corporate data is lost. Also, you can keep an eye on the data and devices through VantageMDM, so whenever someone tries to steal it or hack it, you can take the action right away. It also lets you establish granular security policies to protect your data in the best ways. You can manage your passwords easily and enforce policies like strong passwords, patterns, expiry, length, etc. You can remotely wipe any device’s data if you think that the device is hacked or stolen. You can identify which of the devices are jailbroken and which are not. You can also block SD card and Bluetooth access to secure the data and devices.

There are a lot of other features as well that you can enjoy and benefit from using VantageMDM. However, it is important to know that VantageMDM works for all the platforms and is the best MDM solution that you can use to get on track with progress.