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What Is VPaaS?

Many people have already heard about PaaS, which is Platform as a Service, but there are also VPaaS solutions. These are Video Platforms as a Service that focus on a variety of video features and solutions. They make it possible to create customized video services and apps for various purposes. For modern businesses, it is crucial to offer video services to their clients. Using video solutions like digital conferencing is also almost a necessity today. Thanks to video services such as Digital Samba, corporations can enjoy convenient video communication solutions and VPaaS.

PaaS vs. VPaaS

First things first, it is important to understand what is PaaS. Platform as a Service is a cloud solution that allows users to create apps and software features easily. It is possible thanks to third-party providers that deliver software and even hardware for these purposes. Everything is hosted in a cloud, which makes it simple for anyone to start working on the software solution without worrying about technical issues.

VPaaS, as we have already mentioned, is a Video Platform as a Service. These are platforms that specialize in video development and all adjacent features. This way, people receive convenient tools for creating video-related software. The solutions might include live streaming, video chat boxes, virtual conferencing, storing videos in a cloud, editing clips, and more. Such VPaaS solutions are incredibly useful for many businesses as they offer customizability and flexibility. Previously, you would have to hire a team of programmers and developers to create a personalized website from scratch. Now, you can simply use all the tools available in a cloud to customize a perfect video solution for your needs.

VPaaS Functionality

Despite being extremely easy to incorporate, VPaaS solutions offer a wide selection of features. You can add a single line of code to your site and enjoy an integrated video platform. Digital Samba makes sure to deliver comprehensive and secure solutions. With E2EE encryption and GDPR-compliant, you can rest assured that your data will be secure. Here are some of the features available with this video conferencing platform:

  • Custom design – with third-party software, it is often difficult to customize it to suit your brand better. Here, you can change the appearance of the software to look presentable based on your requirements.
  • Sharing documents – you do not need to use separate software or send dozens of emails so that every employee receives a certain document or piece of media. It is possible to share files in real-time during video calls and afterward too. Files can be shared with only selected users or with everyone.
  • Library of content – all the files exchanged via this software during video conferences and at any other time can be stored safely in a library. All users can have the access to this storage for future use.
  • Collaboration tools – if video conferencing software is used for working on a certain project, it is crucial to have efficient and handy virtual tools. When you can use pen and paper during working in an office, a digital whiteboard will come in handy for crew members that collaborate via a video conference.
  • Capturing video streams – even if someone still cannot make it to a video conference, the entire session can be recorded and stored in a cloud. This solution does not occupy any space of your company storage and allows employees to re-watch digital meetings. This solution is also convenient for creating virtual events and uploading the recordings on your site for customers to see.
  • Screen share – this is a classic feature in video calling software that allows sharing your display in real-time for all video call participants. It is convenient for showing certain files or videos quickly.
  • Background setup – not everybody has a professional video streaming studio at home, and it is often difficult to find a clear background so the video call users do not see the clutter around you. With a virtual wallpaper, you can change your background easily by picking any image you want.
  • Automatic notifications – it is possible to set up automatic notices for live or scheduled video conferences. Create a list of emails to deliver notifications every time without doing it manually.

These are some of the key features available with VPaaS. Taking advantage of these digital solutions can enhance your efficiency and improve workflow. Using video calling solutions in your work has numerous advantages. Here is why you should consider using VPaaS solutions for your company:

  • Engagement – using video calls is much more engaging and convenient than only using audio. People retain information better if they both hear and see the speaker and the materials presented.
  • Efficiency – even within one office, you save a lot of time by hopping on a video call to discuss something quickly than running around to speak to everyone you need to. If we are talking about a remote job, the time and money saved on the commute are incredible.
  • Collaboration – a few different teams are often working on a certain project, and clear communication is key to a good final product. Even if your teams or separate colleagues are located in different parts of the world, it is simple and effective to bring them together in a video conference.
  • Accessibility – no luxurious equipment or specific skills are needed to benefit from video conferencing. You can use your computer at home or even a mobile phone to open the necessary solutions in a browser. This also reduces costs greatly as communication becomes possible with the equipment you should already have.

Both small businesses and international corporations can benefit greatly from video conferencing services. They are accessible for any price range and can be integrated easily into already existing software used within the company.