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What is the most suitable shade of paint for the kitchen?

Getting the color scheme of a room like your kitchen, which needs to be warm and inviting while still being visually stimulating, just right is essential. The following are a few contemporary trends that will assist you in selecting the colors that will seem the most natural in the kitchen of your apartment. To begin, a mint green color scheme has emerged as a popular option for the walls and cabinets of kitchens. It is a vibrant color, but it is not overwhelming because it is not too dark. If you combine it with white, the space will have a sense of harmony and equilibrium. Benjamin Moore’s Southfield Green is a fantastic option for achieving this kind of appearance. Next, kitchens decorated in stark black and white are becoming increasingly popular.

Your kitchen will have a retro, diner-style ambiance with a seriously modern twist if you use a black and white color palette, especially when paired with matching tiles. This will give your kitchen an air of sophistication. If this is the style you’re striving for, the paint colors Sherwin Williams Pure White and Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black are a good combination to use. Finally, lighter shades of gray have emerged as a highly adaptable option for kitchen design. Use them on wooden cabinets for a more traditional feel in the kitchen, or go for the futuristic and industrial style by combining them with concrete and granite. Benjamin Moore’s Cascade White is an excellent paint color that works well with either look.

What hues are most suitable for a confined cooking space?

A fresh coat of paint may not only give a room a specific style, but it can also make what is potentially one of the tiniest rooms in your home appear to be much larger. This is something that we discussed in our blog post titled “Condo Bathroom Painting Ideas,” and it is true. The correct paint may give a cramped room the impression of being much more open. Kitchens are notorious for seeming overcrowded due to the large amount of space that is taken up by appliances and counters. To get things started, a room that’s on the smaller side might benefit greatly from the usage of light pink because it helps the space feel more open and airy. Blushing by Sherwin-Williams can lend an air of warmth to your cooking space while being neutral enough to complement a wide range of color schemes. When dealing with a space that is on the smaller side, however, it is not always necessary to use extremely strong lighting.

For instance, a deep teal color, such as Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year Aegean Teal, is an excellent option for kitchens that are on the smaller side since it lends an air that is yet warm and elegant to a confined area. In conclusion, painting your kitchen a dark navy blue gives the room the sense of having more depth and space, which is especially effective in kitchens that get a lot of natural light. The paint color Naval by Sherwin-Williams will not only make your kitchen appear to be larger, but it will also lend it an elegant and regal air.

What color of cabinets can never be considered outdated?

Because fashion and trends seem to shift virtually every season, keeping up with them can feel like an insurmountable task at times. However, there are some colors that will never go out of style, and if you want to show off these colors in the kitchen of your condo, the cabinets are a fantastic spot to do so. It should come as no surprise that whites have stood the test of time. They lend an air of tidiness and brightness to the room, and they are adaptable to virtually any aesthetic. White Dove by Benjamin Moore is an excellent option to consider if you want to achieve this style. Next, a shade of blue-grey that is light enough to make a room feel bright but dark enough and rich enough to give off an air of sophistication is an excellent choice for the cabinets in your kitchen. Cabinets in a blue-grey color scheme may instantly lend an appearance of elegance to any kitchen, particularly when complemented by hardware in gold.

If you look at Wolf Grey by Benjamin Moore, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Last but not least, a dark brown hue is a color that may be used to complement either a contemporary or a classic design. Brown cabinets, particularly when combined with a marble or white countertop, have the ability to give the impression that a kitchen is part of a mid-century modern country house or a contemporary condo that was constructed just last year. If this is the style you want to achieve in your kitchen, Tudor Brown by Benjamin Moore is an excellent choice for the paint because it can be used to achieve any of these looks.

Quality of Paint, as well as Color Preferences

Your decision regarding the quality of the paint will also have an effect on the total cost of the project. While name brands may have a higher initial cost than less expensive options, they typically have a longer lifespan and require fewer layers of application. A good rule of thumb to follow is that the cheaper the paint, the greater the number of coats that are required to achieve even coverage.

The color is also important. Because highly saturated colors attract a great deal more attention, the surface preparation process needs to be carried out with a greater degree of caution in order to ensure that minor imperfections do not become glaring eyesores. The same is true for paints with a higher sheen, such as satin or semi-gloss, which are the types of paints that we always recommend using in rooms that have a higher relative humidity, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Final Words

We hope that after reading about these contemporary kitchen ideas, you feel motivated to make some changes to the kitchen in your own apartment. Condo Painting is here to help you realize your vision whenever you are ready to move on with this next step. We have nearly fifteen years of experience painting condos in the Greater Toronto Area, which means that we know how to convert your idea into a reality, transforming your kitchen into an area that encourages you to be creative. Get in touch with Encore Painting Ltd. or submit an online request for a free estimate right away.