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What is the Difference Between White Gold and Yellow Gold Jewelry?

Do you know the difference between white and yellow gold jewelry? This is something that people get curious about, and they wonder if it is simply about color. Sure, this is definitely going to be what separates these two types of jewelry. But, there are other differences that you are going to want to know about. This way, when you are shopping for your next pieces of jewelry, you will know the best metal for your outfit and lifestyle. So, let’s break it down and look at white gold and yellow gold jewelry and what the differences are between them

White Gold Jewelry

First, you might be wondering how white gold is made. Well, know that there are no different types of gold. Instead, the jewelry experiences this color change due to the other metals and alloys that are used in its construction. Indeed, gold comes in different karats and there is going to be a percentage of other materials used. For white gold, the jewelry will also contain silver, palladium, zinc, copper and nickel. In particular, compared to yellow gold, it will contain more nickel and zinc. This is why you see this lovely white gold effect, which is not as bright yellow as its opponent. In some cases, there can be rhodium plating.

So, is white gold jewelry more expensive than yellow gold? There is no definite answer to this question. Instead, it depends on what the karat number is. The only thing that can make it more expensive than yellow gold is the rhodium plating. In order to maintain good value, you will have to look after white gold jewelry. Click on the link to learn how to clean your gold ring and make sure it can look great and maintain its value. Therefore, when it comes to value, as long as the rings have the same karat number, they will be priced the same.

Yellow Gold Jewelry

Then, you have yellow gold jewelry. Again, to get this yellow color that is very popular, the gold is mixed with other metals and alloys. You will find that to create this attractive color; more copper will be used when the piece of jewelry is being made. Often, people prefer yellow gold because it has this warm glow. You may feel that this suits your skin tone better or complements your outfit. Indeed, yellow gold is the classic type of jewelry that everyone recognizes to have class and timeless style.

Something to consider is if there are going to be diamonds on the ring. If this is something you want, you may wish to choose yellow gold. This is going to allow a diamond to stand out against the yellow hues. Indeed, while a diamond on white gold can be nice, it will not pop as much as it will on yellow gold.

In terms of durability, white and yellow gold jewelry can be the same. This will depend on the other materials that are used in its construction. So, if durability and longevity are something you are looking for, you want to pay attention to the karat number more than the type of gold.

Are There Really Any Differences?

White gold and yellow gold jewelry are very similar. They both will have a karat number and this is something that is ultimately going to make them different. In terms of durability, it will depend on this karat number, as well as the value. So, know that they can both be a good investment, as well as last a long time.

The real different between White gold and yellow gold jewelry is the color. There will be some people that prefer a silvery tone, which makes white gold a good choice. Alternatively, if you like a warm glow and yellow hues, this is going to mean you will love yellow gold jewelry.