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What is the difference between an AP and a router?

What is the difference between a wireless AP and a router? Nowadays, people’s lives are increasingly dependent on the network. It is precisely because of their diverse needs that wireless networks have flourished, and providing wireless networks also requires wireless network equipment, such as AP and wireless routers. The concepts and functions of AP and router are different, and more importantly, their application scenarios are also different. Let’s take a look below.

1. Different concepts

The first difference between an AP and a router is in concept. An AP is an access point for a wireless network. An AP can only be used to connect to a local area network and has no Internet access function. It can only connect to internal networks or connect devices through wired networks and send signals to other network devices. Routers are mainly designed to facilitate users’ access to the Internet and achieve full coverage of wireless networks. Routers are devices that can connect both local area networks and the Internet.

2. Different functions

An AP is a communication bridge between wireless networks and wired networks. Through AP, the range of wireless networks can be expanded. As long as the AP is placed in the center of the client, users can be covered within the range of wireless networks. Therefore, an AP can be equivalent to a switch between the network and users. The main function of the router is to achieve the sharing of the home wireless network, ensuring the normal operation of the home network to a certain extent, and achieving full coverage of the wireless network, thereby further completing data exchange.

3. Different applications

AP can be widely used in hotels, enterprises, and other places. AP can meet the requirements of enterprises for firewalls, so the coverage area is very wide. Routers are mainly used in homes, while the coverage area of homes is relatively small. It is precisely because of the different applications that the management of routers is more convenient.

In summary, the difference between AP and router is mainly reflected in the concept, function, and application. AP is an access point that connects networks, while router is mainly used in home settings. Now, everyone should be able to clearly distinguish between the two. The coverage of the two is the biggest difference, and the coverage of AP is more extensive.