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College graduation is an important event in the life of any teen or young adult, and it should be celebrated as such. If your daughter is also graduating from college, one of the most appropriate ways to make her happy on this occasion is to give her a suitable gift that shows her how much you are proud of her.

But if you have not yet come up with original and emotional ideas, you will certainly find them in the following lines.


If you have no idea what to get your daughter for her graduation but you’re looking for a cool gift that’s within your budget, consider something personal and personalized.

One that is made especially for her and carries your message and spirit. With jewelry and perfumes, you’re playing it safe, but it doesn’t hurt to put in a little more effort. Who wouldn’t be happy with such attention?

A cartoon portrait is a great idea if you want to give a personalized gift. Choose a funny plot, add a stylish frame, and the gift is ready. This is a one-of-a-kind gift that your daughter will proudly display in a prominent place to enjoy every day.

Continuing in the spirit of paintings, you can order the best photo of your daughter or a photo of you together to be printed on canvas. This gift will adorn the wall of her room and is another unique gift from you that she will own.

Surprise your daughter for her graduation by ordering her a designer cake. Nowadays, cake making has become an art, and you can order it not only for how it tastes but also for how it is designed.

If she is a jewelry fan, you can get her a beautiful bracelet and engrave it with a motivational message to remind her of you and your love.


If you want to give your daughter a truly unique and unforgettable gift for her graduation, then you can book her an appointment for a personal photo shoot. Nowadays, photoshoots are definitely a desired gift, especially by the ladies.

The photos will be a treasured reminder of this important time in her life, and a professional photographer will make sure that they stand out.


If your daughter has an extreme nature, then she would be much happier with an extreme experience than a material gift. Even if she’s not into extremes, there are a variety of experiences you can make her happy with that don’t require so much courage.

If she is into extreme sports or has shared that she wants to jump with a parachute or bungee – here is the perfect idea. It’s an unforgettable gift that she will talk about for a long time.

If she is not such an extreme person, you can please her with a voucher for horseback riding, which can again be accompanied by a photo shoot if desired.

If she loves animals and has never ridden a horse before, she would love this present. And who knows? It might become her hobby later.

If you know your daughter’s musical or theater preferences well, a ticket to a concert or performance by a favorite artist is a great hit. It will surely be appreciated and remembered for a long time.

It is no coincidence that experiences are much more valuable and memorable than material gifts.

If you still want to give her an experience that is not experienced every day but is not so extreme, then a hot air balloon flight is your solution. It’s not extreme, but it’s a nice experience, especially if you choose a scenic location.


There is nothing better than a parent who supports their child’s development in every possible way. She has probably shared with you what she wants to do in the future or what she likes to do as a hobby.

Perhaps she shared with you what she wishes she had the time and means to accomplish. Her graduation is the perfect time to make one of her dreams come true and show her how well you know her.

The driving course is a great and original gift that will certainly serve her well in the future. It is useful, practical, and sure to be remembered if she wants to get a license and prepare for life as a self-reliant and independent woman.

If she has already passed this phase and successfully passed her driving test, you can give her the honor of receiving the greatest present, if you have the opportunity – to give her first car.

If you decide to give the first car to your daughter, make sure that your choice will not disappoint her and that she will like it, even if it is not the latest model of her favorite brand. However, the goal is to make her happy and leave her a unique memory.

Since it’s a college graduation, it’s a good idea to consider a gift related to education and additional qualifications.

You can give her a gift card/course/one-to-one lessons in an area you know she is keen to learn. The courses will certainly benefit her if you know what she wants to do, of course. And if she specifically mentioned to you that she wants to attend such classes.


If you are well acquainted with her interests, you can please her with a gift related to them. Like any young person, your daughter most likely likes to do certain things in her free time – sing, read, dance, wear makeup, etc. If you give her a gift related to what she loves, you can’t help but make her happy.

A very appropriate present, especially for a person graduating from college, is an e-reader. If your daughter does not have such a gadget, be sure that she will like it very much. It’s also a good idea to pre-load some of her favorite authors to make the gift even more complete.

Gift a set of bio-cosmetics suitable for your daughter’s young skin – make-up remover lotion, face wash gel, and moisturizing cream. If she cares about how she looks, she would love this gift.

A very popular hobby among young and old in recent times is the mandala coloring book. Coloring mandalas is said to reduce stress and help one meditate. And the latest coloring mandalas also include 3D glasses. Don’t forget to add quality felt-tip pens or colored pencils to the gift.

If your daughter cannot live without music, then give her a gift related to music. If she can sing, give her a professional microphone. If she likes to dance, give her dancing shoes or a Bluetooth music speaker. Your options are many, so you definitely have a choice.


There are people who just don’t like going out often. For them, home comfort is the best thing in the world, and they wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

If your daughter is one of those people and likes to spend her time watching movies and doing home activities, you can focus your gift on that.

Delight her with a big puzzle on her favorite theme, with which she will fill her free time for days to come. Fortunately for you, there is a huge selection of puzzles on the market, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your daughter.

Is there anything better than going to sleep in soft, high-quality sheets? Give her a new bedroom set in her favorite colors. You can also choose a more interesting option with a 3D illustration or something clean and simple.

Scented candles have a very good effect on your overall mood. If you know what her favorite smells are, give her a scented candle. It will bring a lot of coziness, warmth, and harmony to your daughter’s room, and she will be happy to light it every day.

Mugs for coffee or tea are always a good present, especially if they are made just for the recipient. Delight your daughter with a new mug in which she can prepare her favorite hot drinks – tea, hot chocolate, and cocoa. You can personalize the mug with your favorite shared photo or a motivational message to start each day on a positive note.


Whatever gift you choose, remember that for your daughter, this is an important moment in her life, which, in addition to a gift, should be properly celebrated with loved ones.

There is no set pattern for what should be given as a college graduation gift. The important thing is that she likes it and uses it. You, as her parents, know her better than anyone, so you can’t go wrong with the choice.