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What is Actually Included in the SONU Sleep System? Find Out Here.

The SONU Sleep System is the newest and most significant innovation to come to the mattress market in decades. With features unparalleled by any other mattress company, SONU offers its customers a revolutionary solution to side sleeping discomfort. The system itself is a work of art, utilizing patented designs and features that enable a truly unique level of comfort.

So what makes the SONU Sleep System so impressive? We’ve curated a list of all of the ways in which SONU has changed the mattress industry and brought comfortable, sustainable rest to a new level for side sleepers everywhere.

The Patented SONU Comfort Channel

SONU provides the only mattress on the market that allows your arms and shoulders to fully immerse into the bed, made possible by the Comfort Channel. This unique design allows for a full range of motion by providing space within the mattress for arms and shoulders  to finally rest naturally where they’re meant to.

The Support Pillows

Each SONU Sleep System comes with 4 Support Pillows that fill the Comfort Channel (2 for Twin XL). On top of these Support Pillows, sleepers place “top pillows” or traditional head pillows to complete the support system for the head and neck while the arms enjoy the space below. It is  recommended to use the SONU Top Pillow Deluxe as it is designed to work with the system. These Support Pillows are the key to the unique immersive support system, as each contain individual layers particularly engineered to allow the pillow to be laterally malleable while maintaining ideal vertical support. 

Sink-In Support System

Enjoy full range of motion below the surface, while leveling the spine to enable a satisfyingly balanced comfort impossible to achieve on any other mattress. The support system allows for the hips and lower torso to align so that the vertebrae in the spine rest comfortably. The gradating levels within the SONU have been engineered to support the upper torso, commonly the heaviest part of the human body, while allowing the shoulders and arms to immerse into the bed below, dramatically reducing the weight normally required by these areas to support the upper torso. The result is a truly unique level of comfort and an unforgettably relaxing sleeping experience.

Adjustable Head & Neck Layers

Change the resting height of your head to perfectly level your neck while side sleeping. Laterally malleable pillows allow consistent vertical support while accommodating relaxing space for shoulders and arms.

Cooling Layers

A 2 inch thick layer of plush cooling material covers the entire top surface of the SONU. This cooling topper allows for the different support sections to be blended seamlessly into one, providing the proper support under the upper torso while allowing the hips to sink to align the spine, all while staying comfortably soft and cool to the touch. This material is also present at the base of the Comfort Channel and in the outer layers of the Support Pillows, enabling a matching experience of comfort and cooling for all parts of the sleeper’s body that touch any surface of SONU. 

Channel Waterfall

Soft cover material flows seamlessly down into the Comfort Channel, ensuring all surfaces touched while sleeping are free of fabric joins to allow for an all encompassing smooth experience.

The SONU Sheet Sets

Every SONU comes with a set of custom white sheets designed to fit the Comfort Channel of your new mattress. This value is unparalleled by other companies, who sell their add-ons as a separate item, costing you more money. For additional details and colors available, visit the SONU Sheets page.

Premium Materials

At 14 inches deep and constructed from 26 pieces of premium high-resilience CertiPUR-US® certified environmentally friendly foams, the SONU is durable and built to provide ideal support in all the right places. 

100 Night Trial

Customers wishing to try out a SONU for themselves can do so, risk-free in their own home. Developers of the SONU, Bradley Hall and Stason Strong are certain that you will be in awe when you immerse yourself in comfort. However, if on the off chance that you are not satisfied the team at SONU will come and remove the mattress, and give you a refund. For details visit the 100 Night Trial page.

5 Year Warranty

Built in the U.S.A. to last, SONU guarantees the top quality materials and construction of every Sleep System.

Free Shipping

Every order includes shipping to anywhere within the continental U.S. ( There is an additional charge to ship to Alaska and Hawaii)