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What Can a 3D Scanner Do?

3D scanners are taking the world by storm. Whether you’re interested in solutions for the tech industry or the private sector, there’s 3D magic for everyone.

To explain 3D scanners in a nutshell: they create 3D scans by capturing objects in three dimensions using varying technologies. Some technology used include time-of-flight, triangulation and structured light. The scans are then utilized to create a 3D model that you can work with for a variety of projects.

To give you an idea of what a 3D scanner can do, here are three short examples of the most common applications for 3D data.

3D Revolution in Healthcare

Especially in the medical field, 3D scanners make life easier for many people. A relevant example from this industry: prostheses.

A quick scan also significantly speeds up the manufacturing process or any error corrections. The scanner avoids potential complications during fabrication and thus enables more comfortable wearing.

For the prosthesis to fit the wearer perfectly, a highly accurate 3D model is required for manufacturing. A professional 3D scanner guarantees the highest precision for a personalized prosthesis that significantly increases their wearer’s quality of life.

Realistic Game Design

3D scanners are game changers – literally. With a 3D device, you increase the gaming experience of gamers significantly.

If you own a mobile scanner, take it out into nature and scan rocks or flowers, for example, for an ultra-realistic on-the-spot adventure. After a short time, you’ll receive the accurate 3D models and incorporate them directly into your game.

The 3D elements make the game look much more real, allowing players to identify even more with the main character. Make your video game into a tangible and unforgettable experience.

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

With a 3D scanner, you digitize any process in your factory and become part of industry 4.0. Whether it’s planning, manufacturing, reporting or quality assurance, a professional 3D scanner helps you in all industrial areas.

Take your factory to the next level – a 3D scanner makes it a breeze today. Say goodbye to faulty documentation, long searches for the right product and tedious processes.

3D Scanner – A True All-Rounder 

In a nutshell: A 3D scanner can do a lot. Whether it’s an increase in quality of life through high-precision 3D models in healthcare, an enhanced gaming experience through revolutionized game design, or the digitization of industrial processes – 3D tools are indispensable.

Of course, these are only three of countless ways you can use a 3D scanner. Other possible use cases include online stores, education, art, or even history – all doors are open to the popular technology.

Even traditional 3D scanners or scanning apps are becoming more common in the private sector. Try out the tech revolution for yourself and let it inspire you!