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What are the different roles of kabaddi players?

In the exhilarating world of kabaddi, each player on the team brings a unique set of skills and responsibilities to the game. The 1xBet platform allows you to make sport betting online on these great players too. Here we will talk about 4 main roles that we can see in this sport, which are:

  • raiders;
  • defenders;
  • all-rounders;
  • and captains.

All of them play a crucial role in shaping the team’s strategy and success on the court. Let’s dive into the heart of kabaddi and explore the different roles of its players in a way that’s easy to understand.

In 1st place we will begin with the raider. He is the lightning-fast attacker, darting into enemy territory, and tagging opponents to score points for the team. These players are the ones who bring excitement and energy to the game. Visit 1xBet to make online sports betting on the best raiders from the kabaddi world.

There are 3 things that they must do. The 1st thing to mention is that, for every defender they successfully touch and return to their side of the court, the team earns a point. Also, in 2nd place, raiders can use 3 things to outmaneuver defenders, which are cunning feints, swift dodges, and lightning-quick movements. Finally, a well-timed raid can turn the tide of the game, boosting the team’s morale and momentum.

Other essential roles

In 2nd place we have defenders, which are the backbone of the team, standing firm against raiders and thwarting their attempts to score points. They’re the ones who keep the opponent’s raiders at bay, protecting their territory with skill and determination. You can always make 1xBet pro kabaddi betting online on the best defenders of this game too.

Defenders do 3 things to successfully perform their tasks. In 1st place, they show their strength and agility by doing 3 things: powerful holds, precise blocks, and strategic ankle grips. In 2nd place, defenders coordinate seamlessly with their teammates, covering different areas of the court and anticipating raiders’ moves. Finally, defenders need stamina and endurance to sustain their defensive efforts throughout the game, engaging in multiple tackles and defensive maneuvers.

The 3rd key role is all-rounders. They are the jack-of-all-trades on the kabaddi court, capable of doing the 2 aforementioned tasks: raiding and defending. They bring versatility and adaptability to the team, offering strategic flexibility and impact in every aspect of the game.

The 1st aspect about all-rounders is that they seamlessly transition between raiding and defending, providing tactical options for the team. Additionally, with their ability to influence the game in multiple ways, all-rounders often emerge as key players during critical moments. And finally, coaches value all-rounders for their versatility, allowing them to make strategic adjustments and maximize team performance. There is online pro kabaddi betting at 1xBet, where you can also wager on the best all-rounders from the game too.

Finally, in 4th place, we must talk about the captain, who is the guiding force behind the team, leading by example and inspiring teammates to reach their full potential. They’re the ones who set the tone for the team’s spirit, discipline, and determination.

The 1st thing they do is to lead by example, demonstrating resilience, determination, and sportsmanship. In 2nd place, they make critical decisions during the game, from tactical substitutions to motivating the team during challenging moments. Finally, they act as the bridge between players and coaches, conveying strategies, feedback, and instructions with clarity and conviction.

We should also say that the performance of all these players is normally measured through different metrics. There are raid points, obtained by attacking players and tackle points, obtained by defensive players.

There is also the success rate, which is the percentage of successful raids or tackles. Finally, there are bonus points awarded to raiders for crossing the bonus line during a raid.