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What are the best free online learning platforms in India?

Classroom learning has been the usual mode of learning for years, where numerous pupils are taught concurrently by a teacher using manual efforts. Learning and teaching are complicated in the process. Constraints like teaching technique, teacher knowledge, and student grasping power make learning tiresome.

When the internet is helpful in other fields, why not education? The need for e-learning grew after the pandemic. Thus, it needed advancement in the Ed-Tech industry globally. With online learning platforms, people’s chances of learning and gaining information have risen. Several apps exist for JEE, NEET, Boards, and other competitive exams. Here is a list of the best online learning sites offering a free online course for exam preparation.

You can take the online course whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you with the help of sites like these. Many prestigious colleges and universities contribute their courses to these sites. Learning about a specific topic doesn’t take much time or money. Learn more in different formats on these sites, such as audio to video to written articles and video. The article discusses the top free online course for beginners.

Online Learning Platforms Vs. Online Course Platforms

The focus of an e-learning platform is on the student, while the viewpoint of an e-learning course platform is that of the online educator.

Both terms are commonly used interchangeably; the actual differences lie in the speaker and the situation. From the standpoint of students, a learning platform is an online resource for locating and purchasing educational materials. However, from a teacher’s viewpoint, it is a venue for imparting information.

Simplilearn, Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning (previously Lynda) are all examples of online learning platforms. In contrast, LearnWorlds, Thinkific, and Teachable are all examples of free online course platforms or software used to construct online learning environments.

Taking an online course allows you to organize your study materials to best suit your needs. You will also have input on the presentation and marketing of your online course and the website on which it is housed.

Top free online learning platforms to start your learning career

It is time-consuming and challenging to master new abilities. It takes 20 hours to get from knowing nothing about a subject to proficiency in it. To be sure, becoming an expert takes considerably more time.

Thanks to the best free online course, the core skills you need to advance in your current sector or make a career change are within your reach.

1. Simplilearn

Regarding online education, few companies can compare it to Simplilearn. If you want to advance in your career, it will benefit you to take advantage of online courses and certifications. If you’re looking to grow in your job, the following free Simplilearn online courses cover many topics that will be helpful.

Simplilearn’s online courses and certifications can help you get hired by some of the best organizations in the world. It partners with prestigious institutions, including Purdue University, Caltech, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Microsoft, and others, to provide a wide range of advanced degree and certification programs. Now is the moment to enroll in Simplilearn’s free courses and give your career a boost.

SkillUp is Simplilearn’s free online course platform for anyone interested in learning. Leading professionals in the field have developed the content of this open online course. Enrolling in any self-paced learning course allows you to gain in-demand skills whenever convenient, with no financial commitment required.

2. Coursera

Coursera is among the best online course platforms, if not the greatest, online education platforms. They partner with more than 190 leading businesses and educational institutions, including Google, IBM, Stanford, and Penn, and offer thousands of online courses and concentrations.

Professional certifications and full university degrees are available for a nominal price in addition to the usual free online learning courses.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, one of India’s largest online education platforms, is a great place for professionals in the business world to connect, learn new skills, and find new clients, customers, and partners. Freelancers, telecommuters, and home-based business owners can benefit significantly from this service because it facilitates professional development and keeps them in touch with clients and customers. It’s a top-notch resource for digital education.

LinkedIn aims to facilitate communication and professional networking amongst its users, who are all working professionals. Establishing meaningful connections is LinkedIn’s primary focus.

4. edX

Established as a partnership between Harvard and MIT, edX is another successful MOOC provider. More than 2,500 data science and humanities courses are available to students from 140 universities. Python, front-end, full-stack programming, and cyber security are only some of the topics covered in the platform’s CS courses.

Because edX is based on an open-source platform, educators and technologists can enhance their MOOCs with any resources they see fit to meet the needs of their students. Students can earn college credit and professional certifications.

5. Udacity

The mission of Udacity, a for-profit massive open online course (MOOC) platform, is to help people get ahead in their chosen fields by providing them with access to high-quality, affordable, and flexible online technical and vocational training. Included are six distinct academic disciplines: data science, cloud computing, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence. C++, Blockchain, and Android developer courses are also available to students.

Working professionals can also use massive open online courses (MOOCs) to learn about product management and marketing analytics. Udacity provides more than just a wide variety of courses; it also offers extensive employment services, including one-on-one job counseling, help with resumes and cover letters, and insights into making the most of LinkedIn.

Final verdict

With the recent technological advances and the onset of the global pandemic leading to widespread lockdowns, online educational courses are gaining popularity and utility. In India, there are many online learning portals and platforms where students can take the best free online course app for  leading to certification in various disciplines. Each of these platforms comes with a certificate of completion, weekly live lectures, industry projects, and one-on-one time with a mentor. Here are the best 2022 online courses covering every angle of the topic.