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Wellness Living – A Comprehensive Software Tool for Managing the Business of Wellness Living

Starting and growing a fitness business can be challenging. Unfortunately, the most valuable resource service providers possess is TIME; too often operators are spending hours each week manually completing (and often forgetting!) so many day-to-day operational tasks required for running their business.

NPE is delighted to announce a collaboration with Wellness Living-to help fitness and wellness business owners take advantage of powerful technology to automate operations and boost profitability. Through NPE and WellnessLiving, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs will get all the management software and business education necessary for growth in client bases, revenue streams, and profits month over month.

Complete Convenience

Wellness studios of any size will find the software to be an indispensable asset, offering a host of features that will enable you to manage your business more efficiently and effectively. These include online booking, comprehensive reporting capabilities and automated notifications to customers.

It also features a calendar to schedule upcoming classes, appointments and events. You can filter the list by service, staff member or location so you can easily view all your upcoming activities at a glance.

It has an integrated payments platform, enabling clients to make online purchases and pay for classes or merchandise. It also has a campaign management tool which sends email and text messages to clients in order to attract new students and promote services. Moreover, I’ve seen one of the most comprehensive client dashboards I’ve seen – displaying information visually appealingly. All-inclusive solution that lets you manage all aspects of your business from one app. With experienced support team working alongside you on each step, this app has everything needed for success – simply download it!

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and long hours spent on managing your wellness studio – with this complete convenience using studio management software, you’ll be able to focus on providing the best service to your customers.

Ease of Use

WellnessLiving is an advanced software solution for running any fitness and wellness center’s business operations. It boasts features like advanced scheduling capabilities, staff management tools, and robust reporting tools.

The software also provides various marketing options, such as a business directory listing. This helps clients locate your business and can expand its client base.

Another fantastic feature is the capability to store client profiles with information like contact details, medical history, past purchases, and active passes/memberships. With this data you can send emails or texts directly to your clients.

Additionally, your loyalty program includes a rewards system that rewards clients for taking certain actions such as visiting your studio, making a purchase, or leaving a positive review. With this in place, you can offer tailored incentives like discounts or free sessions to retain clients and increase sales.


If you’re in the market for a custom product or want to add an innovative feature to an existing one, customization is a great choice that can create value for your customers. Not only that, but it also increases product reusability and reduces development costs.

Studio management software typically offers a range of customization options to customize your interface. These may include keyboard shortcuts, making the ribbon disappear, altering an editor’s working font size and many other preferences.

The platform also provides a dedicated staff app, enabling your team members to manage their schedules from their smartphones. This saves your staff valuable time and guarantees they always have access to client data.

WellnessLiving is an all-inclusive business management system tailored for health and wellness businesses. It features online booking and scheduling capabilities, campaign management capabilities, as well as a rewards program to attract and retain clients. Furthermore, WellnessLiving provides various marketing tools like automated email and text message reminders.


Automation is an invaluable feature that can make a major impact in your business. It simplifies tasks such as responding to inquiries and sending contracts, by taking care of the more mundane duties.

Some studio management software also provides automated marketing features, which can help you reach new clients and keep current ones. With these programs, you can set up automatic email campaigns, distribute newsletters, and stay in touch with past customers.

Another useful feature is an interactive calendar, which lets you quickly view upcoming appointments and services at a glance. Plus, with color-coding your calendars, it becomes even easier to organize your work schedule more effectively.

WellnessLiving is a cloud-based business management platform designed to assist fitness and wellness operators with scheduling classes/appointments, managing staff, processing payments and increasing member engagement. With an ever-expanding customer base worldwide, WellnessLiving continues to gain ground.

Don’t lose your time on other software, use Wellness Living software tool for managing any business!