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“Welcome to the jet set” the new Tukaos collection that breaks into the luxury scene.

The union between the two ambitious Spaniards Lamar and Ronsano has resulted in more than twenty luxury pieces in which Tukaos is inspired by the jet set atmosphere of the eighties.

“Welcome to the Jet Set 22” is the new collection designed by Nacho Lamar, Spanish FashionAward, for Tukaos, the luxury brand inspired by the Marbella of the 80s and the exuberant upper class that has inspired the young Spanish creative director Marcos Ronsano, creator of the firm when he was barely over 21 years old.

The presentation of “Welcome to the Jet Set 22” is truly impressive. Composed of more than 20 handcrafted pieces and accessories, the collection approaches from an opulent perspective the idea of recovering everyday elements “abandoned” by the tycoons of the time of Gunilla von Bismarck and Jaime de Mora y Aragón with their great Marbella parties acclaimed by the press, reinterpreting the aesthetic codes of the time to achieve pieces such as the “Carpet Jacket”, the “Habano Vest” or the “Golf Cardigan”, in a manufacturing process that maintains the exclusivity policy of previous collections, making each of the pieces to order.

Alex González modeling for the “Welcome to the jet set” collection by Tukaos.

Vice, lust and seduction through distinction and the vindication of the old guilds represent foundational aspects of the Tukaos firm, born in 2020 through the imagination, creativity and audacity of Marcos Ronsano, eager to explore art in all its dimensions.

Tukaos is reference through the dual personality that defines by nature the human being, to focus on the “B-side” or surreptitious personality. It rescues and intertwines the madness and unbridled extroversion of Marbella’s nights, it’s great acclaimed and photographed events, the envy it provoked in the eighties.