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Web3Eco Tops the 2023 List Of NFT Projects With Real-World Utility

Zürich, Switzerland, July 29,2023 – In the realm of cryptocurrencies, many projects still remain speculative in nature and do not provide any practical benefits. However, utility is essential for each nascent asset to prosper in the long run, as investors are more likely to fund initiatives that address real-world problems.

Since their emergence on Ethereum in 2017-2018, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have come a long way towards becoming much more than just unique and rare digital collectibles. These assets have actually proved their ability to refine our day-to-day operations by introducing conceptually new ways of ownership and distribution.

And now, as the NFT domain continues to grow, we have seen multiple projects implementing real-world utilities into their roadmaps to handle global challenges or improve certain aspects of human life. This trend shows no signs of stopping in 2023, which is good news for investors looking to support progressive and promising innovations with high yield potential.

5 Best NFT Projects With Real-World Utility

Given a variety of existing NFT projects, choosing a perfect one to put your time and money in can be a tough nut to crack. To make things easier, we’ve researched all the latest NFT-centric businesses and picked up the most remarkable of them – based on the value they bring to the real world and the distinctive perks they offer to their investors.

Take a quick look at some of the top utility NFT projects, before we dive into their overview:

  • Web3Eco
  • IMPT
  • Ecoterra
  • Cocky
  • Real Estate Investment Club


Web3Eco is a disruptive initiative providing people with the opportunity to invest in tree planting, make a positive contribution to the environment, all while being financially incentivized for doing so. It’s a group of companies which is actively engaged in cultivating real-world, high-yield paulownia plantations in different countries with favorable climate conditions for rapid tree growth. Paulownia is considered to be one of the most efficient “filters” capable of absorbing 22 kg of CO2 and giving off 6 kg of oxygen and always regenerates after being cut down. All this together makes the tree an ideal solution to the environmental crisis caused by the destruction of the ozone layer.

Web3Eco strives to facilitate the process of mitigating the increasing carbon footprint and saving the planet by promoting the investment in paulownia planting, which is 5-10 times more lucrative and stable than that in any other traditional income sources. It tokenizes real-world trees by transforming them into NFTs recorded on the Polygon blockchain and allows token holders to be legally entitled to a profit from those NFT trees.

The Web3Eco CEO, Filipp Bolotov is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with 12 years of experience in building large-scale tech companies. The project is publicly backed by the Uzbekistan government, which is a strong testament to the team’s commitment to solve both ecological and investment problems. Web3Eco’s parent company, that is used to tokenize paulownia trees, is currently in the process of registering in Switzerland, while one of its subsidiaries is already in possession of a deed for the land which is officially registered in the Uzbekistan cadastre.

In its pursuit of business expansion, Web3Eco has launched the presale stage, with 10-20 thousand NFT trees available for purchase. You can buy the profits rights for 1, 10, 100 or more plants at an average price of $50 per tree. In the future, the price will rise alongside the increase in the number of investors to carbon credits and polygons and the overall demand of paulownia as one of the most efficient means of air purification.

After you acquire an NFT, you enter into a strict offer contract with Web3Eco, which is aligned with Swiss regulatory standards, to secure your right to earn yields. Investors to the token then get up to 370% ROI across the 6-year paulownia’s lifespan.


IMPT is using blockchain technology and ownership of NFTs to take the fight with climate change to the next level. Launched to great fanfare, the project is one of the most exciting new cryptos out there, and it’s all thanks to carbon credits, which are permits that companies can use to offset their carbon footprint. Each carbon credit is worth one ton of CO2. IMPT will convert them into tradeable and ownable NFTs, thus helping its users reduce their carbon footprint and fund environmental projects globally.

By transferring carbon credits to an on-chain ledger, IMPT prevents them from being used for double counting or fraud. Carbon credits can also be ‘retired’, meaning they are permanently removed from circulation and replaced with other unique and tradeable NFTs. On top of that, retailers will offer a portion of their sales back in IMPT tokens which can be further traded for NFTs as well.

The team behind the project has a spotless reputation and has passed KYC verification, whereas the token’s smart contract has been fully audited.


Ecoterra is a cutting-edge green crypto platform that utilizes NFTs to combat global warming. Effectively, it encourages individuals and corporations to take action and mitigate climate change. One of Ecoterra’s unique features is its carbon offset market, which allows users to alleviate their carbon emissions by earning carbon tonnes through the use of EcoTerra tokens. All carbon offset achievements can be earned through participation in certified global projects and can be further exchanged for NFTs.

Ecoterra has different schemes and markets to help fight global warming, one of which is Recycle2Earn. By joining this program, users will be able to generate EcoTerra tokens by recycling objects via the application. These tokens can be leveraged for a variety of purposes like green energy investment or cleanup supplies. Next to that, the Recycle2Earn app provides a way to track one’s climate-focused actions, while also enabling users to add the tokens to their accounts.

There is a parallel concept called “impact trackable profiles” available to businesses only. It allows for purchasing consumer impact packages containing different materials for neutralizing unavoidable environmental impacts. The recycled materials marketplace is also an important element of the platform linking businesses to recyclers who are able to provide reused goods.


Cocky is an NFT project that provides investors with exclusive access to music festivals in real-world locations. NFT holders are able to live stream the events or attend them in person, while earning mutations at the same time. These are special stamps that show up in the background of the NFT, so you can write your stories and make the NFT more rare.

Cocky’s platform features a collection of over 10,000 NFTs, each having a silver, gold, and black can lid and representing a different benefit that can be received at the event. During the minting process investors of various tiers can unlock a variety of rewards, such as accommodation and bar tabs, transportation, and merchandise. The events are centered around electronic music, and take place in prestigious locations around the world, with a focus on the local landscape, history, and culture.

Due to the limited capacity at these locations, the number of tickets will be limited. However, if an NFT holder gets a ticket and can’t make it to the event, they can sell their tickets on a custom built secondary market. These tickets can only be purchased by Cocky NFT owners, further augmenting the utility.

Real Estate Investment Club

Real Estate Investment Club (REIC) is another great NFT to invest in if you want to learn more about real estate and reach out to like-minded people.

As an NFT owner, you’ll get memberships that provide you with access to a team of experts and a community of people who know a lot about real estate. You’ll be able to attend private events, stay abreast of real estate developments and deals around the globe, as well as get education about the real estate industry, crypto, and blockchain.

The REIC platform will eventually be connected to the Metaverse, which will enable you to follow what’s going on in the real-world real estate and receive some extra monetization opportunities. Not only do NFT holders be a part of the Digital Assets Property Group (DAPG), but they’ll also enjoy giveaways like Ethereum mortgage payments and consultations with real estate and finance pros, as well as invites to seminars.

Recap: Invest in NFTs With Real-World Application

Below we provide answers to the most popular questions regarding the NFT projects with real-world value, thus summarizing the research featured in this article. So if you feel that the entire review is too long to read, don’t hesitate to have a closer look at this improvised FAQ.

What makes real-world utility NFTs a good investment?

Apart from real-world value, utility NFTs offer investors a handful of other benefits, including capital gains, P2P trading, passive income, and appreciation.

How to understand that a certain NFT project is a good investment?

Each investor has their own goals, so it’s up to them to decide what they want out of NFTs. Important factors to consider include the expected returns and time horizon as well as the potential risks associated with NFTs.

Carefully analyze NFT characteristics, advantages, and liabilities. Once all these elements have been identified, compare your objectives to the offerings of NFTs. If the two match, then view NFTs as a suitable investment.

What are the top 5 NFT projects with real-world value?

Based on our review, the most outstanding NFT projects that solve real-world problems are Web3Eco, IMPT, Ecoterra, Cocky, and Real Estate Investment Club.

Which NFT has the best real-world utility?

Out of reviewed projects, we believe that Web3Eco stands out in terms of utility. The project aims at preserving the world from the severe effects of climate change by encouraging people to invest in high-yield plantations of paulownia, a tree which takes in oxygen and stores CO2 four times more than a regular tree. Investors to Web3Eco’s NFTs encounter a substantial 370% ROI in 6 years, while being able to make a minimal contribution of just $39 in a safe, stable, and transparent way.


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