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Web 3.0 Crypto Investing Strategy With Handshake Domains

Many individuals did not believe that cryptocurrencies could become anything significant in the early days of their development. Well, based on its tremendous progress and impact in recent years, it has clearly exceeded all expectations. People who made the wise decision to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in their early stages are now reaping the benefits.

Moreover, the concept of cryptocurrency is fundamentally based on two premises: decentralization and blockchain technology. In this case, blockchain technology creates a decentralized structure in which money exists independent of governments and central authorities. By implication, it delegates power to users, and no single entity has complete control over it.

However, blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrencies or digital assets only. It can also be used to significantly change the web system by decentralizing internet domains. Handshake is currently the leader when it comes to decentralized domains. It is safe to say, Handshake is to the web as Bitcoin is to money. The handshake protocol aims to build a decentralized web system independent of the existing system’s governance by certificate authorities and ICANN. This new approach to domain name ownership is set to change the dynamics of the web system, and guess what? It can also be a profitable opportunity for those willing to take notice and act quickly. In this article, we will discuss how you can make huge profits by investing in Handshake domains. But first, let’s delve a little bit into the concept of domain names.

Domain Name System

In the early days of the World Wide Web, you needed to know a website’s Internet Protocol (IP) address to access it. The domain name system, however, makes it now possible to access Websites without even knowing their numerical IP addresses. By converting these IP addresses to more readable names, the domain name system helps users to be able to locate websites easily. For instance, to access Google, you simply visit “google.com” rather than “”. In simple terms, a domain name is just the name of your website, and each website typically has a unique one.

Moreover, at the heart of this domain name system are certificate authorities and ICANN. ICANN controls the root zone of domains and oversees the issuance of top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com. In fact, a $200,000 fee is required to apply for a TLD, and that application may or may not be approved by ICANN. This means ICANN gets to choose who gets a TLD and who doesn’t. They also have the ability to monitor, censor, and restrict any website that does not comply with their guidelines.

It is, therefore, evident that a centralized system like this allocates far too much power to a singular entity. Hence, a decentralized system, such as Handshake, is required to move central authority to a more distributed, multifaceted, and decentralized framework. Handshake intends to take on the role of ICANN by managing the issuance of TLDs and decentralizing the root zone of domains through blockchain technology. This means that with Handshake, TLDs will not be limited, and applications will be more accessible, allowing everyone equal access.

Investing in domain names

Investing in domain names is relatively easy; you can simply buy a domain names at https://www.namebase.io/register/yw2yln and resell it for a higher value. It is safe to say domain names are the real estate of the World Wide Web because, like real-life properties, they also appreciate in value and can be sold for profit. The domain name market is already a pronounced one in the traditional web system. Many individuals have made quite a fortune by investing in it, especially those smart enough to invest in domains very early when it was just introduced.

In fact, one particular domain name, cars.com, was sold for $872 million, making it the most domain name ever sold. Many people are still making good money by investing in domain names today, but most good .com domains are already registered, and those that aren’t must be developed from scratch.

Investing in Handshake domains

Much like in the early days of the centralized domain system, we are also currently in the midst of a significant transition into a decentralized domain system. The exciting part is that we’re still very early in the process. The handshake domain is at the forefront of this decentralization process, and without a doubt, it is the future of the internet.

With Handshake, you don’t only have the opportunity to buy second-level domains like cars.com, harmorny.com, or radio.com; you also have the chance to buy top-level domains. In fact, unlike the previous web system, there is no limit to the number of usable TLDs. You can have .cars, .michael, .welcome, .go, or any other alphabetic combination you desire. TLDs containing characters, numbers, and emojis are also available for purchase. This development entirely decentralizes the restrictive nature of TLDs and allows everyone access.

This decentralized nature of TLDs creates an open investment opportunity to buy Handshake domains. Since we are still very early into the development of Handshake domains, you can literally get them for a few dollars. If you would like to see more information about web 3.0 or Handshake domains, check out https://hnslist.com/

When you invest in handshake TLDs, you can make money by selling them at a higher price. You can also earn by selling or leasing second-level domains (SLDs) under your TLDs. For example, let’s say you buy .cook, you can resell it for more money, or sell SLDs like nice.cook, owen.cook, and so on, for anybody interested in your TLD. Even though Handshake is still in its early stage of development, many individuals and corporations are already buying into it. In fact, one of the most expensive handshake domains to be sold was a TLD with the crown emoji, and it sold for 777,777 HNS tokens, equivalent to $46,666.62 US dollars. The bottom line is that there’s never been a better moment to get in on the Handshake domain action than now.

How to buy Handshake domains (Using Namebase.io)

Namebase is a TLD registrar that uses the Handshake blockchain and allows users to purchase Handshake top-level domains. TLD applications are processed through an auction method, in which individuals bid for a specific TLD over the course of a bidding period. The person who makes the highest bid wins.

The following is a step-by-step guide to purchasing a Handshake TLD:

  • Open a Namebase account. Visit https://www.namebase.io/register/yw2yln to register.
  • Purchase the HNS token. You can pay in either dollars or bitcoins. (The current exchange rate is 0.06HNS/$.)
  • Log in to your namebase account
  • Go to domain search
  • Go to the namebase marketplace and find the top-level domain name you want to acquire
  • Input your bid amount
  • Place your bid
  • The highest bidder wins the bid after a required waiting period


The Handshake domain market is another huge investment opportunity for you to make a huge profit. Go to https://www.namebase.io/register/yw2yln to start investing today.