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WatchGang Reviews – Is Watchgang Legit?

Fashion and Trend:

The word FASHION is often referred to as a latest / prevailing design of a particular time. Fashion changes over time, and therefore time is considered one of the main factors that determine fashion. The term “TRENDY FASHION” is commonly used to describe some style that is fashionable as well as up-to-date. There are several types of fashion styles. For instance, vintage, artsy, casual, grunge, chic, bohemian and exotic are some of the few such fashion types. In general, people tend to go for the latest fashions when it comes to choosing their clothes and other wearable accessories compared to many other things that they use daily. The clothing industry has evolved rapidly over time increasing its manufacturing capacity in order to provide trendy clothes and meet the huge demand, respectively. It is well believed that an outfit plays a vital role in expressing people’s character, personality, and mood as well as who actually they are as individuals. It is also important to note that in addition to the clothes, wearable accessories, such as watches, bracelets, shoes, hats, jackets and belts, also add greater value and importance to outfits. Among the above accessories, greater attention has been given to the WATCH as its appearance change almost every day with fashion and trend.

Even though some clothing fashions may have differences and limitations due to culture, religion and geographical locations, some fashions are universal. Watch is an absolute example of such a universal fashion item. Accordingly, all brands of watches that exist at present are been used by people across the globe based on their choice and interests. As believed by many, it is known that the invention of the first watch goes back to the fifteenth (15) century. Since then, the watch has been developed over time from traditional to modern and there are smart watches also available at present. Interestingly, the watch has become one of the most popular fashion items among everybody regardless of their age and gender. Not only people who are working but also students prefer to wear trendy and fashionable watches at present. Nevertheless, finding a stylish and modern watch has always become a challenging and time-consuming task.


About WatchGang:

“WatchGang” is an official and legitimate watch club. Particularly, WatchGang was established on 16 September 2016 and the company is situated in Los Angeles, USA. It contains a wide array of collections of trendy watches. WatchGang’s goal is to make people excited about watches and provide people with modern and stylish watches of the latest designs thereby ultimately helping them to have a collection of their own at an affordable price. WatchGang has received the “Best Men’s Box Award” by becoming the World’s No. 1 Watch Club at the ceremony of the CUBE Awards organized by the Subscription Trade Association in 2018.

It is important to note that rather than visiting the physical store, people can have access to all types of watches by visiting the official website and getting the PRESTIGIOUS WatchGang MEMBERSHIP.


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How to Get the WatchGang Membership: 

There are a few simple steps you need to follow if you wish to become a member of this super exciting watch club.

  1. Visit the official WatchGang website and enter your details, such as first name, last name and email address.
  2. Upon entering, click on the “LET’S GO!” icon
  3. Participate in the WatchGang quiz (which takes less than one minute) and tell them about your experience with watches and the types of watches you are interested.
  4. Choose the WatchGang subscription type depending on the frequency you need to grow your collection (Only one time, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  5. Complete the shipping information, such as name, email address, phone number, home address, postal code, city, country, etc.
  6. Choose the payment method (Credit/debit card, PayPal or amazon pay)


After becoming a member, your potential to explore watches and receive GIVEAWAYS and discounts is LIMITLESS!


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WatchGang Giveaways:

Unlike most of the other watch stores, WatchGang club has NUMEROUS offers and deals. WatchGang membership is associated with weekly giveaways. Members will be automatically entered for the chance to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer and Seiko watch every week. In fact, by just being a member, you have a chance of getting a Rolex every Friday. Similarly, lucky members are offered TAG Heuer and Seiko every Tuesday and Saturday, respectively. Even a change of getting a Grail watch and support for a charity is also possible with WatchGang. These raffle draws are TOTALLY FREE and do not cost a single dollar. Besides the automatic entry into the weekly giveaways, WatchGang membership also provides a brand-new watch yourself that is worth more than the subscription.


Brands of WatchGang Watches:

There is a broad range of watches available at the WatchGang ranging from the categories FASHIONABLE to AFFORDABLE LUXURY. Even within the categories, you are able to choose from a watch depending on its use, such as lounge, sporting events, outdoors or night outs. Interestingly, the WatchGang collection contains luxury and top branded watches for both men and women and it may contain watches for the kids too. Apart from famous WatchGang brands namely Rolex, TAG Heuer and Seiko, the WatchGang collection includes Casio, Citizen, Bulova, Cartier, Fossils and Patek Philippe and many other watch brands too.

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to go over every brand available at WatchGang, you could simply search for the brand you prefer with the help of the SEARCH option. You could use the keywords of your interest that best describe your choice in the search for instant results. Some of the commonly used search words include (but are not limited to), “WatchGang Black Tier Watches,” “WatchGang Platinum” and “WatchGang Platinum Watches.”

WatchGang watches are becoming widely popular among WATCH LOVERS due to their wide range of choices as well as benefits.


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Benefits of WatchGang:

The advantages of WatchGang outweigh the benefits provided by traditional and old-fashioned watch stores.

It allows people to discover watches from popular, emerging and stylish brands. It is not always easy to identify the most trending brands for watches. Especially, if you are a person who is not much aware of emerging brands, yet planning to buy a watch for a watch lover, then WatchGang is the ideal place for you to order watches from trendy and emerging brands. WatchGang has a remarkable collection with variations among and across brands allowing people to choose the perfect watch that matches their choice.

WatchGang watches save time and money. It is often challenging to find a high-quality and modern watch at an affordable price. Even to find a watch that barely fulfills your expectations require a lot of time, money and energy. It also requires visiting countless online and offline stores and spending a large sum of money. In contrast, WatchGang offers a huge collection of trendy and branded watches in one place at unbelievably low prices. As a result, WatchGange saves both time and money. In fact, with WatchGang purchases it is estimated that you could save up to 5 folds when compared to the retail prices. As such, if you are ever under the thought that luxury and branded watches can use only by rich people, WatchGang nullifies the validity of such narrow-minded thoughts. It gives everyone an EQUAL chance, regardless of their socio-economic status or affordability, to experience the feeling of owning a trendy watch from the latest available fashion. This has become possible with the various discounts, giveaways and considerable price reductions.

Weekly GIVEAWAYS make it possible for the members to own super luxury and emerging watches without spending a single dollar. Most watch stores do not have such 100% free weekly giveaways. Other watch stores usually offer 25% or 50% off seasonal discounts mostly for one time in the whole year. However, with the WatchGang those RARE offers have become FREQUENT allowing you to get free watches from the three most popular brands every week. Accordingly, WatchGang makes you like feel CHRISTMAS every WEEK!

Astonishingly, monthly, quarterly and on-demand plans are also available with the WatchGang. NO other watch store or club exists to date to provide such benefits for its customers. Based on the nature of the customers and their purpose of buying watches, WatchGang gives you PLANS in which they suggest the next emerging watch of their choice. In such WatchGang plans, WatchGang always makes sure to provide watch lovers with all the information and new features linked with the watches. Together with such monthly or quarterly plans, WatchGang gives an instruction manual. In the manual, the features and functions of the watch are well described with pictures where appropriate making it easy for everyone to follow.

In addition to the significant price reductions, discounts and giveaways, WatchGang provides GIFT CARDS. If you have a friend who loves watches or if you want to surprise someone on their birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, WatchGang offers gift cards to explore the world of possibilities, including the chance to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer or Seiko every week. The process of obtaining a gift card is very straightforward and you can get it via email in a few minutes.

Astonishingly, WatchGang provides a MILITARY DISCOUNT. Thus far, this type of discount is not provided by any other watch shop available in town. The military community is offered 20% off for every purchase in order to express gratitude and appreciation for their service. Moreover, active-duty service members and veterans receive an instant 20% discount on all membership plans.

Finally, yet importantly, being an online watch club, WatchGang login makes it just a fingertip away to explore and discover the new popular watches.


Click here to subscribe to the WatchGang right now while the discounts are still effective.


WatchGang Reviews:

WatchGang has received a “FIVE STAR” rating for its products and continues to be one of the most highly-reviewed watch clubs out there.

In their reviews, users have recommended WatchGang as the best watch store purchase watches in order to grow their collection. People have also stated the NUMEROUS benefits that are linked with WatchGang membership and subscription. In their reviews, some customers revealed the fact that they do not have to waste time looking after new watches in the season for their next purchase, rather WatchGang PLANS provide them with the perfect match of their choice for the next time. WatchGang reviews illustrate their limitless potential of becoming an owner of a brand new and trendy watch. In fact, the benefits of weekly giveaways and users’ excitement about such giveaways are also highlighted in reviews.

The discrete and unique features of WatchGang watches are repeatedly stated in the WatchGang reviews. The light effect of the watches at night allowing people to read the time and set the alarm was also mentioned. In addition to just reading the time, WatchGang watches’ potential in displaying date, time, weather temperature and many more are explicitly demonstrated by their reviewers. WatchGang reviews further elaborate on the quality, durability, affordability and user-friendliness of their watches and customer service. Thus far, NO one ever complained or provided bad feedback about WatchGang.


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WatchGang Prices:

If you think of “how much does WatchGang cost,” the below information provides price details.

WatchGang prices are significantly low despite their high quality. In fact, compared to the retail prices, WatchGang prices are low up to 5 folds. Prices of the watches mainly vary from their brand, features and colors. For example, Black Tier watches are worth up to $500 USD, but paying for more months up front with WatchGang gives you a discount. Similarly, there are few famous WatchGang deals in which actual price is reduced remarkably.  Platinum Tier watches cost up to $1500 USD, but with WatchGang three months prepay it costs around $1,149.97 USD.

Astonishingly, along with a WatchGang watch subscription, you are entitled to receive a WatchGang coupon. During the second time purchase, you can enter the coupon code to get noteworthy discounts.

Accordingly, if somebody asks “is WatchGang worth it?” The absolute answer would be YES, IT DOES. More specifically, it is the most significant but affordable TRENDING WATCH PARTNER EVER!


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WatchGang has become famous all over the world due to its mind-blowing weekly giveaways and super-fast service. Similar to its popularity in other countries, people in the UK, Canada and the US also tend to purchase watches from WatchGang. Interestingly, WatchGang has an option to choose watches that are most suitable for cold environments.


WatchGang Reddit:

WatchGang Reddit has a positive insight on its use as a SUPER COOL watch club. On different websites, online platforms and networks, people rated WatchGang as one of the best stores to buy trendy and fashionable watches. In addition, WatchGang customers had given their testimonials on such online platforms expressing their personal experiences they have with the WatchGang watches. It is interesting that several positive feedbacks shared on WatchGang Reddit influenced others, who have not yet tried WatchGang, to become members and subscriptions to this famous watch club out there.

Does WatchGang Legit?

YES, WatchGang is a legitimate watch club. In fact, it is a well-established watch club based in the USA adhering to all the business guidelines, protocols and laws of the country. Becoming a WatchGang member and subscribing to WatchGang does not put you at any risk in terms of legality. As a result, WatchGang is a legitimate business.

How to Order:

As described in the above paragraphs, ordering watches for WatchGang is just a fingertip away process. You can use your user credentials to login to WatchGang’s official website to explore the trendy watches of the season. Every WatchGang membership is subjected to the following benefits:

∙       Eligible for all giveaways

∙       Access to exclusive members-only sales

∙       Cancelation of orders at anytime

∙       Ships in 3 days


Click here to subscribe to the WatchGang right now while the discounts are still effective.


If you have any quarry regarding price, discounts, shipping or any other, you can contact the product owner from the official website to clarify such doubts.

It is important to bear in mind that shipping costs may vary depending on the delivery location. Besides, orders may be subjected to additional import taxes and fees based on the import law of the destination country.

Please note that there could be several duplicate products of this nature available online on different websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay or any other retail store. However, the purchase of genuine products is guaranteed only by contacting the product owner from the official website.


Concluding Remarks:

WatchGang is a versatile watch club that offers trendy and fashionable watches of the season. WatchGang watches have become widely popular among watch lovers due to the large array of benefits that are associated with every purchase. Primarily, WatchGang provides Rolex, TAG Heuer and Seiko watches 100% free of charge in every weekly giveaway. Unlike other online or offline watch shops, WatchGang also offers gift cards and military discounts for its customers. In their reviews, almost all the reviewers had given positive feedback with regards to the quality, durability and stylishness of WatchGang watches. In conclusion, WatchGang is not a scam, rather it is well clear that WatchGang is a trustworthy and promising watch partner that fulfills customer needs.


Click here to subscribe to the WatchGang right now while the discounts are still effective.