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WalknTours To Launch 20 European Tours in 2024

BOSTON, MA – WalknTours, a company whose app offers smartphone-guided walking tours, has announced a significant expansion of its offerings with the launch of twenty new tours across Europe, starting with eight premier destinations as of spring 2024. The travel company seeks to transform the travel experience through their patented location-aware technology, and hopes to redefine exploration for tourists worldwide with its entry into Paris, Stockholm, Vilnius, Sarajevo, Verona, York, Athens, and Krakow.

Explore European cities like Stockholm, Sweden with WalknTours

The new tour options will join WalknTours’ current lineup of tours, which are offered in over sixty cities across the US, including Boston, Salem, Charleston, Savannah, Deadwood, Los Angeles, San Antonio and many more.

Each walking tour is designed to be engaging, and they are all professionally produced. All tours, including the new European options, are intended to provide travelers with the freedom to explore at their own pace, guided by professional narration infused with thematic music and sound effects. The upcoming European tours will extend this immersive experience to some of the continent’s most storied cities, each rich in history, culture, and beauty.

The decision to expand into Europe makes a notable milestone in WalknTours’ mission to empower travelers. The company’s self-guided tours combine the flexibility of solo travel with the depth and engagement of a guided tour, and the app caters to a growing trend of independent, experience-seeking travelers.

“Our mission has always been to revolutionize the way people explore and experience cities,” said Ezra Dunn, founder of WalknTours. “With our new European tours, we’re inviting travelers to discover the rich tapestry of history, art, and culture at their own pace, guided by the stories and sounds that make each city unique.”

The company’s offerings center around its proprietary app, which utilizes GPS technology to provide location-aware audio tours. Travelers can navigate through cities and receive narratives and insights as they move.

WalknTours has over one hundred new tours currently in development. As the company has grown, Dunn says that WalknTours’ vision extends far beyond its current library, with plans to cover cities around the globe. “We want to branch out into new cities all over the world,” Dunn explains. “Our expansion strategy reflects our desire to grow our platform for self-guided walking tours. And we feel that our method offers solo travelers truly unparalleled access to the world’s most captivating destinations.”

Discover hidden treasures like this wall art on a Svarco Street, near the former Jewish ghetto of Vilnius in Lithuania

Dunn continues that WalknTours’ self-guided smartphone tours offer options unavailable with conventional tours, which require adherence to preset schedules and routes. WalkinTours’ patented location-aware technology provides a more flexible and personalized exploration experience, so that travelers can choose their own path through selected cities.

WalknTours’ autonomy is enriched with professionally produced audio, and the app’s GPS-guided navigation ensures users never lose their way. This provides both freedom and guidance. In addition, the tours – including the new European tours – never expire. This lets users experience unlimited revisits to their favorite destinations, an ideal option for those seeking privacy and flexibility in their adventures.

“Our technology and content are constantly evolving,” Dunn added. “We’re working to craft experiences that inspire, educate, and connect travelers to the places they visit.” He adds that the company will also soon be adding to their themed tours, which currently include Civil Rights tours throughout cities such as Birmingham and Atlanta; and Haunted History tours, with locations in Key West, San Antonio, and – of course – New Orleans.

About WalknTours

WalknTours is a company whose proprietary smartphone app offers self-guided tours in over sixty US cities. New tours are about to open in Europe. WalknTours uses GPS technology to narrate information about surroundings as users move so that solo travelers can explore at their own pace, on their own schedule, without depending upon group tours.

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