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Vista Social Becomes the First Social Media Management Platform to Offer Facebook Reels Auto Publishing

Today, Vista Social became the first social media management platform to offer Facebook Reels Direct Publishing just two days after Meta announced the Facebook Reels API.

Facebook Reels allow brands to add a clickable link in the caption, which TikTok and Instagram Reels don’t currently allow. This opens up a number of eCommerce, and revenue-generating opportunities as brands head into Q4.

As a modern and innovative platform, Vista Social has been the first to market for TikTok Direct Publishing and Instagram Reels scheduling—paving the way for short-form video management tools.

In a statement by Meta, “Facebook Reels API will enable 3rd-party platforms to directly enable a ‘share to reels’ feature, removing friction for users previously using 3rd party platforms and then uploading at a later time to Facebook.”

With Vista Social, brands, agencies, and creators can schedule short-form videos to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok at the same time—yet have them auto-publish at their best time (based on their audience engagement patterns) for each network.

As more social networks prioritize short-form videos, Vista Social provides a huge opportunity to leverage insights and engage with audiences at scale in one unified dashboard.

With a proven record of high customer satisfaction, Vista Social was recently awarded G2’s Summer 2022 High Performer badge. This badge is a way of recognizing the incredible work done by Vista Social and the opportunity they bring to brands.

However, brands have previously had to manually manage their digital presence between several platforms with rising costs—leading to time-consuming publication processes, lack of cross-platform insights, and increased moderation needs.

Vista Social customer Joshua Hunter-Atencia, CEO of The Venandi Group, an agency, and Meta Business Partner, had this to say:

“I was using Hootsuite before. It got complicated to add new accounts. The cost was expensive when managing multiple accounts and also lacked the ability to post Instagram carousels straight away. With Hootsuite, you would get a notification to your phone, and have to post the Instagram carousel manually. This was not ideal. But Vista Social was one of the first to offer it automatically, and it has honestly saved me so much time! Will be using Vista Social for the rest of my working career!”

About Vista Social

Vista Social is a modern social media management platform designed for social media as it exists today, not for social media of the last decade. They have a suite of powerful products for publishingengagementanalyticslistening, and reviews.

Whether a user is a small business, marketing agency, or enterprise—or even just an individual user—Vista Social has features for seamless social media management. Their powerful suite of features help schedule social media posts, curate relevant content, measure your social media marketing return on investment (ROI), manage internal and external teams, and more.


Brittany Garlin
Head of Marketing, Agency Vista