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Venustas Unveils Heated Apparel for the Ultimate Cold-Exposure Adventure Gear this Holiday Season

Nanshan, Shenzhen, China, December 22, 2023 – Winter enthusiasts, brace yourselves – Venustas is about to redefine your cold-weather experience. Dive into the icy realm with our top three picks, specially crafted for those who seek the thrill of frosty adventures.

Women’s Classic Heated Vest 7.4V – $129.99 (19% OFF until Dec. 26th)

Who It’s Ideal For:

  • Cold-weather fashionistas who refuse to compromise style for warmth.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile layer for various winter activities.

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Upgraded design with left and right shoulder heating panels adds a touch of sophistication.
  • The 30% larger heating panel provides extra warmth without the bulk, perfect for those who want to stay cozy without sacrificing mobility.

Excellent Heating System:

  • Six carbon fiber heating elements offer customizable warmth.
  • 3 heating levels cater to individual preferences, ensuring a tailored cold-exposure experience.
  • Type-C charging port for on-the-go convenience and a long-lasting 7.4V battery for up to 10 hours of relentless warmth.

Men’s Heated Jacket 7.4V – $129.99 (35% OFF until Dec. 26th)

Who It’s Ideal For:

  • Cold-exposure enthusiasts who demand a perfect blend of comfort and style.
  • Adventurers seeking a breathable, yet warm, solution for unpredictable winter weather.

Why They’ll Love It:

  • 30% larger heating panels and a skin-friendly silver mylar thermal lining redefine winter warmth.
  • The tailored design offers the ideal mix of functionality and fashion, keeping you warm without sacrificing your sense of style.

Excellent Heating System:

  • Five carbon fiber heating elements provide targeted warmth.
  • 3 adjustable heat levels cater to individual preferences.
  • Type-C charging port for convenient charging on the go and a long-lasting 7.4V battery for up to 10 hours of cold-defying heat.

Heated Jacket 7.4V for Unisex – $99.99 (45% OFF until Dec. 26th)

Who It’s Ideal For:

  • Fashion-forward individuals looking for a unisex cold-exposure solution.
  • Those who crave comfort without sacrificing style in the face of winter’s challenges.

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Thoughtful design with zipper-up pockets, a removable hood, and elastically adjustable cuffs and bottom for ultimate functionality.
  • The unisex appeal makes it the perfect gift for couples or friends who want to conquer the cold together.

Excellent Heating System:

  • Six carbon fiber heating elements deliver a burst of warmth.
  • 3 heating levels accommodate varying preferences.
  • The upgraded 7.4V battery ensures up to 9 hours of relentless warmth, coupled with a portable design for on-the-go cold-exposure adventures.

This winter, elevate your cold-weather game with Venustas. Exclusive discounts are available until December 26th. Don’t just survive the winter; conquer it with gear that turns the chill into a thrill!”


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