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Useful Advice And Creative Suggestions For Wedding Presents

Weddings aren’t just for the couple; they’re also prominent for their guests! You get to witness the lovebirds you have waited for from the beginning tie the knot.

There are a few things that you can do as a guest before the ceremony. You will need to bring clothes (remember, white is not allowed), a date and, most importantly, a gift. Be aware that there are specific rules you need to remember when gifting lucky couples. It can be tricky since not everyone will give you an overview of these things. We are here to help.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the wedding gift-giving protocol, from etiquette pointers to wedding gift ideas for couples to help you embrace the awaited wedding occasions with a whole of grace and pride.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

We understand that not everyone can decide how much they should spend on gifts or whether they should bring them on the big day. Or what gift to get the newly married couple. But, we know many questions, and we want to answer them all!

  • Although it may seem obvious, if you live closer to the bride or groom, you will be expected to spend more on your gift. The estimations tell that distant relatives and coworkers should spend between $75 and $100, close friends and family should spend about $100 to $125, and closest relatives should spend about $100 to $125. Finally, besties and immediate families should expect to pay $150 or more if they choose.


  • A majority of couples will have a registry for their wedding. Do your best to select from the options that your favorite couple has provided for you.


  • Don’t bring your gift to the wedding. It might make things more chaotic with all the chaos and hustle happening that day. There is a grace period of two months, meaning the couple will receive their wonderful gift within two weeks after the “I Do.”


  • Don’t worry if the couple wants to do it all by throwing an engagement party or a bridal shower. There is no need to spend a lot on gifts for every occasion leading up to the big day. The rule of thumb is to spend less on gifts for non-wedding occasions. To ensure a fair distribution of funds, you should spend 20% on the engagement party and 20% on the bridal shower. Then, invest 60% on your wedding gift.

Wedding Gift Ideas

You might have looked at the wedding registry and decided that you would like to gift something other than the standard bedding materials. However, those are always useful. So instead, we want you to gift something you are proud to give to the couple.

  • Wedding Gift Basket – If you are someone who wants to gift a heartfelt gift that is practical and brimming with love at the same time, then an assortment of value is a great deal. Get or craft a wedding gift basket with lovely delights. You can add aromas instilled in candles, roomy pajamas, premium delicacies, a book full of date ideas, sparkling wine and more.


  • Furniture: Every new chapter in a happy marriage is an opportunity to make a difference. Because furniture pieces can last a lifetime, newlyweds won’t need to replace a chair or coffee table for many years. Vintage Furniture can add a rustic touch to any home. On the other hand, modern Furniture is a good choice if the couple prefers a more modern look in their home decor. Your gift will be appreciated no matter what.


  • Kitchen Appliances – These kitchen gadgets are a popular choice for wedding gifts. We can’t deny their usefulness. Programmable slow cookers are not only handy, but they are also easy to remember for those who forget quickly. The slow cookers have a timer to ensure your dinner is not too charred. They also have an automatic heat-retaining feature, a must-have in any kitchen.


  • Projector For the newly-married couple who loves to spend time indoors, a portable projector is a great option. Projectors give any feature an older-school feel. Find a blank wall in your house and snuggle up with popcorn and blankets. It’s a great date night idea!


  • Smart Home Appliances Almost every home is becoming a smart home. Most appliances in a home can communicate with one another and be controlled remotely. This gives the homeowner convenience, comfort, efficiency and overall ease of use. The Smart Speaker will be a great way to introduce someone to intelligent technology. It can make calls, play music, and set alarms.

Here’s our guide to wedding gift etiquette and a few bonus gift suggestions for the lovey-dovey couple. We have you covered, whether you are planning your wedding or wish to gift lucky brides a subscription for the best blooms.