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UPS order tracking: top things you must learn

Some of our readers regularly use postal services for the delivery of goods from the USA or other countries. However, when using UPS more than once, it becomes rather inconvenient to have no information regarding the package’s arrival time.

So in this article, we would like to cover such a topic as UPS order tracking in detail.

How to track the parcel?

To track a parcel, all you need is a special code (also called tracking number) and access to the Internet to go to the website of the corresponding postal carrier. At the moment, tracking is assigned to the parcel for almost any method of shipment. 

Where to track packages?

All the UPS parcels have the aforementioned tracking number. All you have to do is to either enter it on the courier’s official website or at another third-party service. 

The main place to track such packages is the website – usp.com. To track the parcel, you just need to enter the number provided after sending it and click on the “Find” button.

You will see the history of the parcel movements and its current status.

General notifications

Unfortunately, the shipping of the goods doesn’t consist of three stages (received, sent, and arrived). The whole process is complicated a lot, so you should be aware of the possible notifications you can get.

  • Electronic Shipping Info Received. Information about an upcoming shipment has been received.
  • Shipment Accepted. The package has been sent to the postal office.
  • Processed through Sort Facility. The parcel is at the sorting facility.
  • International Dispatch. Export, the parcel has left the USA.
  • Arrived Abroad. Import, the parcel has arrived in the country of destination.
  • Into Foreign Customs. Received for customs processing.
  • Out of Foreign Customs. Left customs.
  • At Foreign Delivery Unit. Received at the place of delivery of the parcel.
  • Attempted Delivery Abroad. An attempt to deliver a package.
  • Delivered.

By knowing all these signs, you can react to possible problems without delay.

Is it expensive to use UPS?

The departure price is calculated according to the scheme: 

1. Search for the desired section (shipping rates in this section apply to any domestic and international shipments when the cost of transportation is paid by the party in the country of departure). 

2. Determination of the weight of the cargo for which payment will be made.

3. Choice of service option (“UPS Express” or “Express Saver”).

4. Selection of the type of shipment.

5. Application of the tariff to the weight of the cargo and to the area for shipment. 

In determining the price, attention should be paid to any additional charges that may apply, including fees for additional services. 

The order tracking is absolutely free.

As you can see, by picking UPS, you deal with a company that serves 2,000 flights to more than 200 countries daily. On top of this, you get guaranteed delivery times, minute-by-minute tracking of packages, and extensive customs clearance options.

Also, in addition to delivery within the USA, UPS provides international shipments.