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Unraveling Harmony: Dottie Klein’s Empowering Guide to Remarriage and Blended Families

With a life journey as unique and impactful as Dottie Klein’s, one would be remiss to not pay attention to her advice and wisdom, especially when it comes to remarriage and blended families. Her new book, “Biblical Keys for a Successful Remarriage and Blended Families,” stands as a testament to her years of experience and the wealth of knowledge that she and her husband, Dan, have accumulated throughout their lives.

In 1979, Dottie Klein and Dan united in marriage, creating a blended family that included Dottie’s son Chris, her daughter Melissa, and Dan’s son Kenny. At that time, information on how to thrive in a blended family was scarce, yet they navigated the trials and triumphs of their unique family dynamics.

Decades later, Dottie and Dan have become great-grandparents, and their combined three children have experienced broken marriages of their own. This highlighted to them the continuing cycle of marital problems, prompting them to seek ways to strengthen marriages and halt the disintegration of the family unit.

Drawing from her own experiences and the Biblical teachings she holds dear, Dottie began offering pre-marriage classes at her church alongside her husband, using material from Bruce Wilkinson’s “Biblical Portrait of Marriage.” The success stories from these classes, along with Dottie and Dan’s personal experiences, form the core of her book.

In their early eighties, Dottie and Dan have built a rich tapestry of experiences – from leading pre-marriage classes to smuggling Bibles into China and Cuba. But now, they are focused on marriage, family, and foundational principles. Their advice for couples considering remarriage and those attempting to blend families is both practical and spiritually grounded, proving that their wisdom truly goes above and beyond.

Throughout her life, Dottie has embraced numerous roles – from becoming a Christian speaker for Campus Crusade for Christ, to working as a gift marketing representative in Orange County, California. She started a successful window treatment design business in Florida and even founded a Gourmet Club in The Villages, which now has over 500 members. Dottie and Dan have also been ordained due to their active involvement in pre-marriage and blended family classes.

“Dottie Klein: Blending Families with Biblical Wisdom” is not only a guidebook for couples and churches, but it is also a testament to the power of perseverance, faith, and love in creating successful remarriages and blended families. The ongoing battle against the forces that come against our families is real, and Dottie’s book is a valuable tool in this fight. With its compelling narrative and practical advice, “Biblical Keys for a Successful Remarriage and Blended Families” is a must-read for all families navigating the intricate path of remarriage and blending families.

Dottie and Dan Klein are remarkable examples of perseverance, faith, and dedication to the cause of strengthening the family unit. In a world where broken marriages seem to replicate like a recurring pattern, this extraordinary couple stepped up, not only to prevent further damage but also to provide a guide to successful remarriages and blended families.

After witnessing the heart-wrenching effects of a broken home on their children and grandchildren, Dottie and Dan made it their mission to find a solution. The result was a venture into pre-marriage classes, equipping couples with the wisdom and Biblical principles required to maintain healthy relationships and families.

Adopting Bruce Wilkinson’s “Biblical Portrait of Marriage” as their guide, they initiated their first classes in Tacoma, Washington, at what is now known as The Champion Center. Over three decades later, their endeavor has grown, catering to the unique dynamics of blended families, a dimension they were well acquainted with through personal experience and a multitude of testimonials from their friends.

Their book, “Biblical Keys for a Successful Remarriage and Blended Families,” encapsulates the rich harvest of these experiences. It is a testament to their enduring commitment to the sanctity of marriage and the welfare of the family.

Today, Dottie and Dan are in their early eighties, proud great-grandparents to 18 ‘greats.’ With time marching relentlessly forward, they acknowledge the ongoing needs of future generations. The battle to protect families from the destructive forces that menace them is far from over, and Dottie and Dan continue to entrust in the Lord for strength and guidance.

Dottie Klein’s life journey began in 1969 when she committed her life to Christ. From then on, she found herself entwined with various ministries, sharing her faith, and becoming a beacon of peace for many. She evolved from being a speaker for “Coffee Pot Evangelism” to marketing Christian Jewelry for Bob Seimon across California, Arizona, and Nevada.

A successful window treatment design business owner in Florida, she transformed her retirement into a vibrant writing career. Dottie and Dan’s community involvement has also been significant; Dottie started a Gourmet Club in The Villages, and both were ordained due to their involvement with pre-marriage and blended family classes.

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