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Unlock Your Brand’s Potential with Kimjera Whittington’s Unique Approach

“Branding is not a department. It’s a community that offers a unique and purposeful customer experience through visuals and messaging. Customers are looking for something that stands out and solves their problems in a fresh way. To capture their attention, you have to introduce them to a new way of thinking and speaking, rather than just trying to sell to them.”

~ Kimjera Whittington

To build a loyal following of customers who are eager to care, share, and purchase your brand, it’s essential to create a brand that stands out in a radical and innovative way. By using a proven framework to tell your brand’s unique story, you can create a community of devoted brand enthusiasts. Whether you’re launching a new product or seeking to transform your organization, Evolve Global Marketing, led by Kimjera Whittington, has helped countless brands disrupt their markets and leverage the power of storytelling to gain a competitive edge that helps them outmaneuver sameness.

“Brands that are radically different and disrupt their industry enjoy an unbeatable competitive advantage,” Kimjera says. “With ‘me too’ brands multiplying rapidly, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out and grab the attention of your ideal client.” She adds that to capture the interest of your targeted audience, you need to develop an understanding that your customers are looking for unique solutions that can improve their lives and businesses. They are inspired by relatable stories that resonate with them. To succeed, you need to find strategies that position you as a standout player in your field. By doing so, you can attract more clients, leads, and sales revenue.

“It’s not enough just to solve a problem if no one knows about it,” Kimjera instructs. “You need to evolve with the changing times and be willing to put yourself out there. You might have the next biggest thing – but if you aren’t getting it to the people that need and want it, your business won’t go where you want it to go.”

Kimjera Whittington is a renowned founder, keynote speaker, brand disruptor, innovative storyteller, marketing strategist, and wanderlust traveler. As the Founder and CEO of Evolve Global Marketing, a cutting-edge branding and marketing agency, Kimjera is a world-leading expert on disruptive branding, radical differentiation, and storytelling. With over 25 years of experience as an award-winning corporate executive in sales and marketing, she has helped thousands of businesses achieve success and outmaneuver sameness in today’s digital world.

Kimjera’s innovative approach using disruptive brand strategy and the power of storytelling has helped her clients achieve a true competitive advantage, with annual revenues of up to half a billion dollars. She has grown her business 4x in under one year and achieved the 7 Figure Female Entrepreneur status in 18 months.

Kimjera’s goal is to empower one million professional service business owners and entrepreneurs with branding, marketing, and storytelling strategies that set them apart from their competitors. She is a Certified StoryBrand Guide, Level C Brand Strategist, and Business Coach.

In addition to her professional achievements, Kimjera has faced challenges as a woman in sales leadership, entrepreneurship, and as a minority-owned business founder and CEO. Despite these challenges, she persevered and is now sharing her expertise with entrepreneurs worldwide through her online courses.

Kimjera’s warm and optimistic personality shines through in everything she touches, making her an excellent keynote speaker for any event. When she is not serving her clients, she enjoys traveling the world as a digital nomad or spending time on the lake with her husband of more than 23 years and their three beautiful children.

“I firmly believe that part of the creative process is taking the time to enjoy life, loved ones, and nature,” Kimjera says. “I feel that solving problems – being an industry disruptor – must be balanced with experiencing joy and peace. When you’re refreshed, you can bring your best to your business. I’ll never stop traveling and appreciating the beauty of the world. It helps me bring my A-game and has been a huge part of the success I have enjoyed.”

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