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University Living Launched Student Cost of Living Calculator

University Living is excited to announce the launch of our Student Cost of Living Calculator :  A simple­, efficient tool that helps you easily e­stimate and plan your expense­s.

We developed this tool to assist you as students in planning your expenses before moving to another country.

One of the biggest challenges for students who want to study abroad is finding an authentic source on the estimated cost of living.

When a student plans to study abroad, one of the factors is to meet the financial requirements, and when this is completed, it eases the process. What better way to help you estimate and plan your expenses easily than our Student Cost of Living Calculator!

Our calculator is only intended to act as a guide to help students estimate their costs in any country.

How can a cost of living calculator help students?

When you decide to study abroad, it can be a struggle to manually calculate the cost of living for a few selected destinations, right? But, with our calculator, you can instantly say goodbye to your worries and get that result!

This interactive tool will simplify your search for how much it would cost to live in any country. You can compare accommodation arrangements, food transportation, and other miscellaneous costs.

Let’s break down how each of our features works:

Search by University

You can search for the university of interest or plan to study in any country. For instance, if you decide to study in the UK, you will find a list of all the UK universities in London, Manchester, Scotland, etc. You can pick the university and start comparing the housing cost.

Housing Costs

The cost of housing will depend upon the university you’ve chosen. This part of the page allows you to choose to live within the city center or the suburbs. Based on this, you will get an option of two types of student accommodation in London:

1. Student Housing- It is fully furnished and provides modern amenities.

2. Private Apartments- It offers various fully furnished rooms with modern amenities and complete privacy.

You will get the total monthly cost with the help of our calculator based on your housing options.

Food Costs

You can find the monthly food costs through our calculator depending on how often you eat out weekly. It can be once a week, thrice, or a whole week. You will get an estimated food cost based on your lifestyle and eating habits.

Transportation Costs

You will get an average monthly cost of your transportation. There are four modes of transportation available in every country; it all depends on what you choose as your regular commute mode to your university.

Daily Miscellaneous Costs

Under this category, you can choose an option such as Entertainment, Clothing, Mobile Plan, or Fitness per your habits and lifestyle and get a monthly cost.

Total Costs of Living

Here, you will give the total monthly cost of living in any city of interest. It will provide a breakup of housing, food, transport, and miscellaneous expenses.

Note: You can convert the currency as per country.

Benefits of Cost of Living Calculator For Students

The cost of living calculator empowers students to decide, plan and manage their finances effectively. It is a critical decision that needs preparation for a smooth journey to study abroad, and with the assistance of a calculator, it helps in making decisions.

Realistic data: Through the estimated total costs, your parents can know how much they will need to pay for tuition fees and the over cost of studying abroad.

Compare the cost of living for many countries: Through this calculator, you can compare the country’s expenses of interest.

Helps to make an informed decision: Whether you decide to apply now or in the near future, the calculator can assist in making wise financial decisions on your plans to study abroad.

Financial aid planning:  For students relying on grants and loans, the calculator helps determine if the funding source is sufficient or if they require other financial support to meet the expenses.

University Living offers student accommodation and several others to ease the whole process for students who plan to study abroad. Now the cost of living calculator has been launched; it will give you a personalized average cost of living for your desire­d area. Input a few details and re­ceive an accurate bre­akdown – it’s that easy!

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