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Unforgettable Bridal Shower Ideas

Before the wedding, memories for eternity are created at the bridal party. But what exactly is the Bridal Shower and what makes it an unforgettable celebration? There are tips and inspiration here.

The traditional hen party got competition with the bridal party. The trend from America is slowly spilling over to Europe and inspires many young brides who toast the early wedding at the Bridal Shower with their friends and family members.

What is a bridal party?

But what is the decisive difference between a hen party and a bridal party? Let’s put it that way, with the former it is much more exuberant and wilder. While celebrating and drinking games are on the agenda, the Bridal Shower solid is celebrated. Actually, this is not even a celebration, but a nice together before the wedding. Depending on the closest friends, but also well-known, work colleagues and female family members, as well as bridal and mother-in-law, are invited.

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In addition, it does not usually take place like the hen party a day before the wedding, but usually weeks earlier. As far as the organization is concerned, there are no fixed rules. The bridal party is mostly aligned by the maid of marriage or the bridesmaid, but can also be planned by the bride itself. Whoever sits at the wheel – now it’s about designing the Bridal Shower so that it becomes an unforgettable day? You can find some ideas and inspiration here.

Location: Where can you celebrate a Bridal Shower?

A bridal party is about cooperation, about setting up and enjoying profound conversations. The location should of course reflect that. That is why it is advisable, for example, to align the celebration on your own four walls, where there are also many options when it comes to decoration. In spring and summer, Bridal Showers are particularly popular outdoors and are either aligned in a garden or park.

Of course, there is also the possibility to rent a separate area in a restaurant or event location. However, care should be taken to ensure that the location is inviting, exudes charm, and becomes a suitable addition to the planned decoration. Therefore, definitely speak to the owners of the location to what extent the place can be decorated at all.

Decoration on the bridal party: attention to detail

And with that we come to the next point: At a bridal party, a loving presentation is simply part of it. A successful decoration finally affects the whole atmosphere. Regardless of whether it is a motto party or not – it is only important that the decoration is uniform and pay attention to details.

If the bride does not organize a Bridal Shower itself, what really suits it should be considered. Some like it playful, others elegant or very minimalistic. Basically, the choice of organizers likes to fall on flowers, noble garlands, pompons, scatter decorations, balloons, and suitable tablecloths and napkins. In the meantime, there are many shops that offer suitable decorative series so that everything is coordinated and of high quality.

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Accessories for bride and guests

With a bridal party, the attention to detail usually scores. That is why suitable accessories are a nice way to round off the whole thing. For example, a simple diadem could be obtained for the bride, while the other guests can wear hair straps or tires. Pet or sash can also mark the bride that day. In order to celebrate the cooperation, individualized bracelets and paper compartments can be obtained in advance, on which the inscription “Team Bride” was printed.

The motto for the bridal party

With a motto, the Bridal Shower can be made even more specific. Of course, it is important that the interests of the bride are reflected in it. For example, if it is a big Disney fan, a princess celebration could be organized in this style. However, a party in the style of “Breakfast at Tiffany” is a bit more elegant, in which everything is decorated in the significant house color of the famous jeweler. Other motto ideas for the bridal party are, for example, the golden twenties, boho, wellness, or parties with maritime and tropical influences.

Snacks for the bridal party

At a bridal party, it is rather atypical to serve an entire menu. Rather, it is used on hearty and sweet snacks. Cupcakes are particularly popular and should not be missing at any Bridal Shower. If you are made yourself, you can also be designed individually and adapted to the motto or decoration. To breastfeed the sweet tooth, you can also sit on a candy bar where guests can use cakes, cake, cake pops, macrons, and donuts.

At the Salty Bar, there is, for example, popcorn, nuts, or chips. But finger food should not be missing either-for example, various snacks, small wraps, tomato mozzarella skewers, quiche or salads, bread, and various dips such as guacamole and hummus.

Refreshing drinks

At the bridal party, it can be determined in advance whether it is celebrated with or without alcohol. Either way, smoothies and fresh homemade lemonade or iced tea are a great way to ensure refreshment. Also, offer your guests of different types – for example lemon and ginger or cucumber and sage. If you prefer to toast alcohol, a Mimosa bar could be exactly right. Provide simply cooled champagne bottles, orange juice, and lemon juice as well as fruit for garnish.

Bridal party: Funny games and activities

For the Bridal Shower, it can be stored on wedding anticipation, gossiping, and eating together. However, games or certain program items ensure that boredom cannot even arise. Community activities could be, for example, braiding flower wreaths or a photo session including fun props.

A popular game at the bridal party is “Who knows the bride best?” For this purpose, questions are written down in advance and read out in the round. For example: “How long has the bride been with her groom?” or “What is your greatest passion?” The guests have a minute for each question to find the correct answer and write them on a piece of paper. Anyone who has most of the goals has won. Incidentally, this game is also a great way to remind you.

It becomes a bit more active when tinkering with a bridal tracee – the bride and guests can use fabric residues, flowers, buttons, needles, and various accessories in order to shape your very personal veil and connect the most beautiful. Another nice idea is to lay out so-called Advice Cards, which are filled out by the guests during the bridal party by giving the bride loving advice and wishes for married life. This certainly creates memories for eternity.

Thank you notes for bridal shower are required for every guest that attended your bridal shower, whether they brought a present or not. However, if a guest did purchase a gift, it’s important to specifically mention it in your note. The same goes for guests who mailed a gift but were unable to attend the party.

We hope you enjoy organizing your Bridal Shower and wish you and your guests a lot of fun celebrating!