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Ultimate Guide to How to Win More When Playing the Best Casino Games Online

Slots with a wide variety of symbols, spinning reels and potentially lucrative combinations have been in demand for over a century. It was designed by Charles Fey, the Liberty Bell drew crowds in saloons to spin the reels. Transferred to an online environment in the 1990s, slots have grown quickly in popularity. Numerous and numerous game studios have emerged, focusing on developing online video slots on various themes, with exciting extras and unusual game engines.

Despite all these, online slots have remained simple games that can be quickly mastered by any newcomer. However, learning how to win at slots can be tricky, as they are completely random. We are here to talk about some of the important things you need to consider if you want to play these undoubtedly the best online casino games and win more.

How to Play Online Slots

The thing that appeals to Canadian players about online slots is their simplicity. Regardless of the playing field format and slot symbols, your job is to land a few matching icons placed in adjacent squares. In other words, when playing video slots, you’ll land horizontal (and in some cases vertical) symbol combinations to generate payouts. If you go to the payout tables section of any online slot, you’ll find a list of available combinations with corresponding payout multipliers.

At first glance, all you can do is decide on your stake and select the number of pay lines for the gaming round, as long as they are not fixed. Every game result is up to chance and you will not be able to influence the gameplay directly. However, with a few things about slots in mind, you will learn how to choose the best casino games online that could help you to become a winning player.

Helpful Tips for Online Slots

Because of the nature of video slots, you can’t influence the game by thinking about your moves like in blackjack. You can’t improve your luck, but for your success with slots, knowledge is power as well. Here are 5 useful online slot tips to ensure you always have the best winning chances.

Play Free Demo Games

When you play casino games for real money, there’s always the risk of losing your hard-earned cash. If you’re new to slots – or looking to try a fresh release – it’s best to start with a risk-free demo mode. The good news is that some Canadian online casinos allow their players to try online slots in free demo mode, no deposit is required.

Playing for free will give you a full understanding of the game and its main features such as RTP, volatility, available bonuses and more so that you can then switch to a real game mode prepared.

Choose the Game Wisely

Online slots to differ not only in their themes, symbols and soundtracks but also in certain important parameters that determine game results and payout frequency. If you like Egyptian themes or a fun soundtrack, find out a few things about slots before you put large sums in them:

  • Basically, this is the parameter determining the house edge. For instance, a house advantage in a slot with an RTP of 97% is calculated this way: 100% – 97% = 3%. It is easy to guess, the higher the RTP, the lower the house advantage in the slot.


  • In simple terms, volatility is about the frequency of payouts and their size. The higher the volatility is, the less often you will land winning combinations, but the prizes will be larger.


  • In-game bonuses. The most modern slots are feature-packed games with lots of modifiers, promotions and bonus rounds. We recommend playing slots with really effective bonus features like free spins.

Try low and high-volatility games with different features in free demo mode to get an idea of how they work.

Play Jackpot Slots Carefully

In the world of online casino gaming, there are slots with extremely high potential payouts. And in order to qualify for such large prizes, you need to raise your bet size to the max. On the one hand, jackpot slots come with a lower RTP than regular titles have. On the other hand, they force you to risk larger sums to make you qualify for the top prize. All these things make jackpot slots very risky games, and therefore you should play them less frequently and in short game sessions.

Manage Your Bankroll Wisely

Before you play casino games for real money, set the amount you are willing to part with. In addition, allocate a specific period of time for gambling activities so you can get out of the game on time. Adhering to these simple rules, you will not lose too much, even if luck runs out on you and you get into a losing streak.

Picking the Right Gambling Website Is Essential

Although the online gambling environment has become a lot healthier than it was a few years ago, you may still come across some fraudulent websites offering rigged online slots. So, in order to win and play for real money in slots, choosing a reliable online casino that you can trust is essential. Since the laws governing the Canadian iGaming industry are still unclear, we recommend opting for a Canadian-friendly website approved by a reputable regulator.

One of these is King Billy, a popular iGaming platform licensed by the MGA, a reputable regulator that grants licenses only to the best casino operators. King Billy boasts generous bonuses and a huge game catalogue that includes both retro-style and modern online slots with great graphics, exciting themes, thought-out game engines, and plenty of extras.

By joining King Billy now, you can activate a welcome package including both extra cash and free spins on popular online slots. Taking a user-centric approach, King Billy with its packed rewards scheme, fast payouts, and good customer support is the number one choice for many Canadian gambling enthusiasts.